red begonia - look for smile

red begonia

Hello, my lovely readers! So sorry it has been so long since the last post! BUT we are back on track, so let’s keep going! :)

For this one, I was just thinking of sharing what’s new lately, ilustrated with beautiful pictures just for fun. :) So.. the begonia was a gift for women’s day and has blossomed real nicely since then. Lately I’ve been really enjoying fresh flowers at home, I think that’s the age. :D I don’t know, before fresh flowers did not bring me that much joy as today. Maybe my life was just more exciting then, that to be carried away by flowers was not necessary. Or maybe I just appreciate more the little things. Anyway, I hope for the second.

goji berries on white background

goji berries


A friend of mine regaled me with goji berries and they are my new favourite snack now. I was familiar with them before, but when I first tried them, I did not enjoy the taste, so that was it, I didn’t eat any till the last week. I read on the internet (yup, the most reliable sorce ever!) that goji berries have a lot of minerals, vitamins, amino-acids (including essential ones!), goji berries are good for liver and kidneys, as well as for your eyesight and circulatory system. And helps you stay young and vital. That’s not all, of course, but you can read yourself all the magical properties of the rasin lookin’ berry. :) Ah, theses new generation foods that are SUPER foods! I am talking about, yes, the goji, chia, macca … the new trend of germinating grains and drinking smoothies! We eat weird stuff, just because it has a lot of nutrients. I am just pointing out the trend, that being healthy is cool nowdays. ;) If you don’t take it to extreme levels, sometimes it is good to blend in with the mass, for example, with this healthy thing! :)

water with lemon

water with lemon in glass

water with lemon in glass

And my personal new trend is to drink water more. I downloaded this application that calculates how much water I should drink in the day and when I choose what drink I just had (water, tea, coffee, soda etc.) it whether replenish my virtual body with water or leak it, if I drank tea or coffee that rinse the water out. So it was fun follow my water intakes … for a day or two. :D But nevertheless, I got the feeling how much I should drink on a regular basis. Also, the coffee lately has not been tasty. I don’t know why. Went to a coffee shop and got a coffee that’s 99% milk and 1% coffee, that’s too much even for me for light lattes. :D And at home, I just can’t get it right anymore. We tried some new coffee brand, maybe that is it. Something irregular with vanilla and cocoa hints, guess the oldstylish, just coffee taste suits me better. ;)

So, that about it. Pretty.. regular stuff right? Hope to come up with something more interesting soon! But, I’d be happy to hear what’s new with you and what healthy trends are you picking up? Do share! :))




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