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Hey there! :) My names is Madara and I am the writer, photographer, web designer, social media manager and publicist behind this blog.

I started blogging in 2014 and been doing that on and off till this moment.

I am a person that does not apply to some of the society made boxes. I don’t have purple hair (I would like some purple clip-ons though ;) ) and I am not a punk-rebel type person but I have made some life choices that just don’t go with the expected grown-up life. A long time I have been ashamed of myself and my past choices, but I am who I am and I am an OK person. So, I dedicate this blog to all those people out there who also feel different and never really fitted in.

The other thing, I have always been an eco-lover: healthy lifestyle, nature-friendly products and choices, no excess packaging etc. Have I led a nature-friendly life? NO. Why not, you ask? A lot of reasons. BUT I wanna start to stay true to my real nature, which means converting my lifestyle to one that is more nature-friendly. I am not there yet, so don’t expect all green and eco posts from me. I will be slowly learning about that and sharing my experiences and findings.

As a HSP (highly sensitive person) I dig deep, so I tend to analyze life situations and events in another level. I like to share my ideas and thoughts, so that kind of content will definitely be on the blog. My fave so far is this one – How to perceive change.

And lastly, I have too many hobbies :D that’s why occasionally you will find DIY, fashion, outdoor activities, travel and other type of blogposts. Things I want to remember.

Soo, this is little bit about me and Lookforsmile. :) You can find out more about me in these two posts – Liebster award and You tell me tag and in twitter and  instagram as well! :) See you there and can’t wait to get to know YOU! :)

Have a lovely day,


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