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Continuing the tradition I started last year, for visual material – photos of Birthday flowers!

I thought long and hard do I wanna do a birthday post. On one hand, what’s the point if I don’t have any reflections or deep thoughts I wanna share. On the other hand, it’s a birthday! A very significant day in every person’s life. The one day you get treated as a queen and the best human being in the World. :D Ok, I migh exaggerate a little bit. ;) But if everything goes as it should, this is a day that is packed up with loads of positivity, compliments and happy feelings. So, on that note, as it was such a great day for me, I wanted to share my joy over here on the blog too. Also, this is a way to keep the birthday last a little bit longer. ;)

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I’ll let you guess what number I turned on February 18th. ;) Just a hint, people usually are quite bad at guessing my age, last time tested on the birthday. But that’s just a number right? The birthday fuss should be all about celebrating the birth and not “WHAT’S YOUR AGE?” followed by judgment do I look like my age or not. :D Cracks me up, who decided how a person should look in twenties, thirties, forties etc.

So, continuing about age, I am really flexible about that. I think grannies in their hundreds running up and down stairs is totally normal. I mean, is it really something that should be recieved as “Wow, in your age…?”. That just puts person in a state where he or she might think: “Yes, in my age I should be dead already or move as less as possible..” I think energetic old people should be complimented like – Love your energy! Love your spirit! That’s cool what you do etc. Not linking it with THE age. But what do I know what compliments old people want :D I’m not old.

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Don’t know why I started talking about old people. :D But that linking with age is met in every stage of life, don’t you think? That judgment, what should I’d be doing in certain age. Just like with the judgment for looks. However I don’t support grown ups being totally childlish and immature, but I think that is a different talk as I am talking more about self-expression, being who I am and embracing yourself and not about irresponsibility.

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The birthday cake. So, pretty right? :) It was a surprise from one of my lovely friends. ♥

And in the end, a massive THANKS to my friends and family, who made this day so special for me! :)

Are you with me and people mostly misjudge your age or are you totally fine in this *very important* area of life? ;)

                                  With love,


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8 years ago

Better late than never, so Happy Birthday Madara. Hope you had a great day and from someone a lot older than you, try to enjoy every single day. The flower pics are really good and nice to see you went for healthy cake option (fruit on top). Stay young
Fergus ??

8 years ago

happy belated birthday Madara. Cake and flowers look beautiful <3 <3


8 years ago

Happy (very belated Birthday)!! Totally feeling the spring vibe with all your beautiful flower pictures! I feel like I stopped noticing my age when I turned 15 (I’m 21 now) – like I honestly can’t remember how old I am, without doing the calculation in my head – it’s so stupid, but age just doesn’t carry much meaning to me :D

Anne x

8 years ago

happy birthday!!

8 years ago

Loved this post — I always enjoy reading birthday posts, because hey, you only get to post one every year haha and you can scream it loud and proud without anyone shunning ahaha.
The photography and flowers in this post are stunning, amazing job!

xx Ellen from

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