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(Photos are just beautiful pictures of different apartments or design elements I found and liked)

These past days I have been looking for a new apartment. Yup, someday soon I am moving. Haven’t changed home in like 6 years! ;) I am one of those kids, who has moved a lot. However I was not so lucky to be moving around the World, basically we just changed apartments in Riga and only once we chaged a whole city when moved away from Cesis TO Riga. So, for now I have lived in 8 different places + summer houses. One of my friends, she has lived whole her life in one place. I just can’t imagine how it is to have childhood memories all around me. My childhood moments are bound to places I’ve lived, different places have stories about certain periods of my life. Nevertheless, I am happy this way :). Now a lots of areas from Riga feels like home to me, not just one corner where I grew up.

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But, actually, I wanted to tell you funny stories about apartment hunting. :D Because, boooyy, what kind of advertisement people put in. I have two favourites so far. :D First, the one with totally unuseful pictures – one of a toilet bowl, one of kitchen (this one’s ok :D) and last one, the land lady’s selfie in bathroom mirror with flash, and yeah, it was not like she stands in the door and I can see the bathroom and her selfie is far in the picture, noup, it was close enough and I could see only her and the mirror. Like, why woud that be important for tenants?

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Second, those advertisements asking specifically for lady tenants. I think it’s creepy. I would never call them, maybe I am for gender equality (at least in apartment renting) but maybe guys ARE reaally baad tenants. At least some of landlords ask for lady OR couple tenants. Yeey, for guys in relationships! But the creepiest was an apartment, in centre, for reaally low price, there were like two lines in the advetisement and one of them was that ONLY lady tenants are welcome. It does not sound like just renting to me. :D Nothing, illegeal, I know, but, oh my, people are crazy!!

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So, that’s about apartment hunting, what’s your experience? Do share or give me some tips! :) And if you live in Latvia, Riga, know any good places available? ;)




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