birthday cake

Just a little birthday post, as it is a significant moment for every one of us. A day, when we wanna feel (and we do!) more special, loved and appreciated.

About two weeks before today, friends asked me how I am gonna celebrate. I responded, that I am not planning on a big party or anything, just quite regular evening maybe with a cake and some presents. But it turned out nothing like that. :D And I am happy abut it! :) Yesterday I had a wonderful gathering with friends and family and friends, who are family. :) I ended up having great time filled with laughter, food and wine and I am very thankfull for the amazing people, my friends and family, who are in my life. :)

In pictures are the beautiful flowers I got for birthday. :)


daffodils birthday

hyacinth flowers birthday

hyacinth flowers birthday

roses flowers birthday

THANK YOU to all, who came and spent those late night hours with me, even though it was a working day and next day was a working day, as well.

THANK YOU to my mum and friend, who baked me those two delicious birthday cakes! :)

And THANK YOU to my dear friend, who helped me with cooking and getting ready for the evening. :)

THANK YOU for the one, who had a fun game in the pocket. ;)

THANK YOU to those, who took photographs..

And THANK YOU all for the lovely presents and flowers! :) As you see, flowers are wonderfully beautiful! :))

Tell me how you celebrated your last birthday! :)




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9 years ago

Skaisti uzņemtas bildes ar puķēm, ļoti labs darbs! Tik tās rozes man patīk visvairāk :D

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