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I can’t believe it is November already! “How time passes” is a I can mumble a lot about. Don’t you feel like time started running much faster at one point at your life? Maybe it was the time when you started to be aware of yourself more, I think, for me it was when I was 14 years old, that summer just passed so fast I couldn’t believe. At that time I was using chatting platforms, that don’t exsist anymore, I believe, and one random person (older person, I might add) I chatted with said to me: “You know, how this summer gone by really fast? That is how life is going to be. Passing by really fast.”.

So, savor the moment and enjoy the life! :) Words easy to say, but is it as easy to be done?

black outfit, woman - blog -

black outfit - blog -

Just a few words about the outfit, first, I don’t find myself very fashion-y as much I as I would love to call myself a fashion blogger aside from anything else. However I have always loved to think about what I wear, so here goes a black outfit I wore to a very contemporary (multiaudial) concert. I can shamly say, I did leave after 1st performance, but it was unbearable for me. Some people, who stayed said that the performances did get better, but I had a wonderfull evening with my friend instead and I do not regret it! :)

black outfit woman - blog -

black skirt, blouse, boots - blog -

oh, and secondly, I just wanted to point out, I wore leggings instead of tights (because of the cold weather, honestly), but I think it turned out pretty well. Lucky me!

Black clothing, woman on stairs - blog -

black outfit - blog -

And at the end some blurry spinning photos. I think they have good vibes, do you? :)

black outfit, spinning - blog -

Soo.. tell me what is your relationship with time? And if not in a philosophical mood, do you like to wear head to toe black?

                              With love,



Also, big thanks to camera operater Zane! :) She has a talent for beautiful pictures, so if interested, go check out her Instagram @the.zane .  :)


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8 years ago

You look amazing in that outfit. Hair is fab too ??

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