Are you ready for the first Blog report on Lookforsmile? I know I am! Even though I am not sure how this will turn out.

If you are interested in why I started writing and publishing Blog Reports, read the Blog report | Intro post!

Previous months I haven’t done ANYTHING blog related, so the data shown here is a result from my previous actions (months and years ago) combined with totally natural ‘internet free-flow’. Nevertheless, next month that’s about to change so I think it will be fun to track the results! :)

1. Overall page views

Pageviews per day July 2018As you can see, there is that annoying spike, that is a) a spam bot; b) because of changes I did on the blog, even though I didn’t work on the blog on July 18th. Anyways, that is just something that messes up the metrics. So I divided my results into 1.-17. Jul and 19.-31.Jul to see what the average pageviews are.

Average page views a day in July: approx. 15, highest: 26, lowest: 2.

2. Traffic sources

So after pageviews, it makes sense to find out from what places are these people coming from.

top channels july 2018

As you can see, my main traffic income is organic search, which is like every blogger’s dream :D but truth is, I have one post that is performing EXTREMELY WELL on Google and even on Bing searches. And it is this – Washing hair with rye flour.  In July this post alone is viewed 208 times, which makes 38% of all my pageviews. The bad news is, that is not really the main type of content I have here on LFS (Lookforsmile).

The next biggest traffic income is Direct, which is actually a mystery to me (If you don’t  know, direct means when you type in directly or any other post link f.e. (by the way, at this moment when I am writing this (8.aug 2018) the About me is NOT updated yet to suit the newest version of me, so if you travel there, keep in mind, I wrote it at least 2 years ago. New version coming soon, obviously!) in the webpage address space). However analyzing the data, I see that most views post from direct traffic is this post – Every ending is a new beginning. I doubt that people type that link right into the address bar, so most likely it is a referral link, just maybe from an unknown source. If you have any other ideas, please, let me know!

Of course, the traffic from Social is abysmal (Who else thinks about Joey from Friends when using or hearing this word? :D Say “I!” in the comments! ;) ). But that’s ok, I will have a lot of progress to track in that area. :)

3. Most viewed posts in July

1. Washing hair with rye flour 208 pageviews

2. (domain) 63 pageviews

3. A quote that changed my life 51 pageviews

4. Ideas how to restart life when you are ready for a change 16 pageviews

5. Reasons to go zero waste 10 pageviews

4. Exit pages

This is the sad part. What are the pages your visitors most frequently leave? :(

Exit pages behaviour flow july 2018

More or less people leave the same page they entered in. It is not good for my blog, but maybe they found what they were particularly looking for, so that is good too. As you can see, from 349 visitors, only 21 went to another page. So at first, I should work on adding relevant links to blog post in the top visited posts to get people to visit other pages as well.

5. Average time on page and bounce rate

bounce rate and avg session July 2018 - pageviews

Have to say that the average time on page 2min and 14 seconds is ok. It means people more or less, read at least one post, which is better than leaving without reading anything. However, the bounce rate is  VERY high. It means almost 90% of people who visit LFS, don’t click on anything else in the page aka don’t visit other posts, but more or less we already covered that in the previous point.

*6. Countries from where Lookforsmile blog readers mostly are

Just to throw in something for fun and that might be interesting for you to read. ;) I don’t know is that really interesting :D but still, here they are. This is in July of course, not overall.

  1. USA 26%
  2. UK 8,5%
  3. Latvia 7% (Īpašs “Čau!” latviešu lasītājiem! :) )
  4. India 6%
  5. Australia 5%
  6. Canada 4%
  7. Germany 4%
  8. Netherlands 3%
  9. New Zealand  3%
  10.  Spain 2%

Plans for August

1.Increase Social traffic on two fronts:

a) Pinterest – Lots to do here. First of all, SEO optimize all posts; second – have to get on with pining, repining etc frequently. Not sure at the moment will I use a platform to do that, but it might be the smart way. I will get back to you next month what I got around doing.

b) Twitter – the plan is to plan and publish promo tweets through Buffer. It has worked OK, in the past. In that time, it brought in traffic, but not enormous numbers. But we will see what happens. P.S. Do people even still do that? It has been so long since I was a full-on blogger!

2. Get back on publishing once a week. Haa haa crazy goal for a blogger, huh? :D TBH I have other plans for the blog for August, but I will keep them private for now. They are not directly linked to driving traffic or keeping visitors on site, but most likely you will get to know in the start of September.

So that is it for now! Hope you enjoyed, maybe learned something new or could relate to some numbers.

If you are a Google analytics specialist or just a good enthusiast, feel free to give me some pointers if you feel like my data analaysis is off. I would really appreacite it! Just keep it on the polite side. :)

Assuming that mostly bloggers are reading this :) – What are your blogging goals for August – data-driven or otherwise? Let’s chat!

With love,


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  1. I’ve always found reading others blogs statistics interesting. I feel like it’s a great way to see how others are doing and maybe learn a thing or two. I’d say you are doing very well on organic search part, Madara. This means that your SEO is actually good and doesn’t need a huge improvement or anything :D So thumbs up for that! I used to have a big problem with my bounce rate as well but I managed to make some adjustments and now it doesn’t get higher than 50% which is an amazing number for blogs according to all the readings that I’ve been doing. I wish you only the best with your blog and goals for this month! I’d say do try giving Pinterest a try, it takes quite a bit of work but it’s worth it in the end :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • Madara Reply

      Yees, thank you! I think I still can improve on the organic search because almost all of that traffic is to one post – the one about going shampoo free. BUT you need to tell me your secret on reducing bounce rate! :) No really if you would be so kind I would appreciate it SO MUCH. And Pinterest is definitely on my to-do list, mostly inspired by your post and Melyssa Griffin’s posts on the topic! :)

  2. This is so interesting! Never thought of putting a blog report together!

  3. I have never thought of exit pages and need to know more about it and improve my internal links. Thank you so much for sharing. 👍

    • Madara Reply

      It’s great you learned something new! :) Now you can explore and improve on a new level! ;) :) And you are welcome. :)

  4. This is really insightful, thanks for sharing! I don’t have google analytics for my blog, but would be really intrigued to know what’s happening behind the scenes!

    • Madara Reply

      Thank you for reading! :) You definitely should get google analytics for your blog! It is not hard to do (however I don’t remember the exact steps :/) but definitely worth it! Even if you don’t use it right away, it will gather data and you can analyze it later (even months or years later ;) ).

    • Madara Reply

      You’re welcome! Let me know what you come up with! :))

  5. This was such an interesting post. I’ve seen blog reports before, but none quite like this where they break it down, reflect, + get personal. This was very helpful in my own effort to figure out how to report my monthly stats. Wishing you all the success in the world & joy! x

    • Madara Reply

      Thank you! Very happy you enjoyed the post and found it useful!
      Are you a blogger too? :) Would love to visit your bog as well! :)

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