Hello, my awesome readers! :)  So sorrryy for not keeping my word and not posting on the 1st of May. :( Turns out 1 week wasn’t enough to figure all things out. Do I have some clarity now? I wish. :D That is one of the reasons why I wanted to start my next period of blogging with an explanatory post, maybe it will help me too to understand what’s going on better. ;)

The bottom line – blogging takes a lot of time! :O I’ll be honest with you, I have NO IDEA, how sometimes posting a post from scratch to finished product can take me up to 6 – 7 hours (picture taking NOT included). :O How people manage to post 5 posts a week and have a full-time job (or school) is a mystery to me. :D I don’t know why this is an important point :D but when I think about blogging that is the first one that comes to mind.

What else – even though I have blog post ideas written down, I am scared of running out of ideas or content. :O And this thought kind of paralyzes me. Just the thought of it! It’s stupid, I admit. ;) But the human mind is so strange, that’s why psychology is so interesting btw. ;)

Another one, I feel like blogging drains me. Even though I love my blog and the content I create, it takes a lot of my energy and since my blog is very small, I don’t get enough energy back. I’ll be frank, I want to have readers, I am not writing this blog JUST for myself. Not just I want to feel appreciated, I like to help people and I like to be useful. And through this blog, I see a possibility to express my thoughts and ideas (I love to do that especially in written words) and to reach people and support someone who needs support and inspiration. It makes me very happy if a person after reading my post feels at least a smidgen happier or inspired, or understood.

Aaaand I am still conflicted about the topics of this blog. The life advice type posts (I feel like they are not life advice per se, but don’t know how to call them :D) come very naturally to me, I just sit down, gather my thoughts, analyze and write what I think. Honestly and openly. The eco-type posts I find very useful (for myself too!) and that is a big part of my identity anyway. However, with eco posts, I haven’t yet successfully reached an audience that would be truly interested. With life advice type posts it is ‘easy’ we all have problems and we all want to be happy. I haven’t found an ecoblogger community as well (SAD FACE) as there are for example beauty blogger community on twitter (#bblogers), fashion blogger community (#fbloggers), lifestyle blogger community (#lbloggers) etc. Maybe the ecoblogger community is just called differently, so if you have any ideas what it could be or you know where to find one, hit me a message or comment. :) I will be VERY very thankful!

Also I do struggle with eco-type post ideas. :/ I have been successful to fill all Thursdays while I am blogging (which is very cool!), but I feel very uncomfortable that I do not have a notebook filled with ideas.

And I like to wait around for the creativity to kick in. Maybe it is a type of procrastination, but I often feel like I need a visit from the muse to write something inspired. There have been moments where I just start writing even if not feeling THAT inspired and the end result turns out GREAT, but I really have to push myself to go through with it. But this is something I just have to work on. :)

Aaaand sometimes I feel so much like in a swamp in my life that I just cannot squeeze anything positive and uplifting out of myself. Or I feel confused, or there haven’t been any new recognitions to write about.  Writing this blog (life advice posts) is a therapy for me too. I write only about the things I know, about what I have felt and what I have done to overcome it. It makes this blog very honest, but also it depends very much on my personal life and experiences. However, there are learning moments ALWAYS even when everything goes smoothly.

And one more thing I want to add, I wanna start a youtube channel as well! And it scares me. Not even the being on camera part, but how I will manage everything and will I have time for it. Ok, the camera part scares me too a bit. ;) And I have always been better at writing than speaking. :D But I feel like youtube is such a modern thing to do aka a lot of people are using youtube, so it gives me a possibility to reach a new audience. And there are people who are not so keen of reading (or they have limited time for it) and you can turn on youtube videos and watch them while doing make-up for example. And I do wanna improve my spoken English. :) And I like making videos overall, it is fun! :) But with youtube, I have no idea what kind of videos to make. :O

Thank you so much for listening to me, my friend! If you got till the end, I feel like you are my friend, because this time I mostly rambled and talked about myself and my struggles. ;) I did try to explain them though. And, yes, just writing this post took about an hour. I feel it is a lot, but I have to make sure that sentences make sense and sometimes I stop to think about the next things I wanna say. As it is a big possibility that you, who is reading this, is a blogger herself/himself, I am curious – how much time does it take for you to write a post? And how much time it takes you to publish it? :)

Thank you again for listening to me and have a great day! :)

P.S. There is another post where I discuss Blogging challenges I didn’t expect, if interested. ;)

                           With love,


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6 years ago

Great post!! It’s true that blogging is very time-consuming, so it’s fine during the holidays but when there’s a job/university on the side, it can become a bit difficult to be as invested. I feel you for the eco-side of bloggers. There is a large vegan community on twitter where some are invested in a eco lifestyle, and I’ve also seen chats about being ethical, that you could maybe look up and join! It’s great that you want to start a YouTube channel as well, it’s true that many people prefer watching videos than taking the time to read, and… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  Madara

Hmm I know there’s a page called @EthicalHour that holds weekly chats on Mondays, you can also follow @cellvrdoor (ethicalevolution) if you don’t already. She has a great blog, and you could ask her about what good accounts to follow! @insophiesmindxo (Sophie V) also has a great blog, they both have posts about going 0 waste. Yeah he’s British, so it helps haha! (My mothertongue is French). It’s true that it’s difficult to realise the time and effort put in a blog post from the outside, just like making a YouTube video probs takes ages, a lot of editing etc… Read more »

6 years ago

Oh I completely understand you Madara and you’re not alone! Blogging isn’t as easy as everybody think it is. I’ve been blogging for about 5 years on and off now and ,although I didn’t actually take it to serious at the beginning, now I really want to make it into something I’ll be proud of. There is still so many things I need to learn. I know so many amazing bloggers who decided to quit their blog because of the personal life. I honestly can’t imagine my life without my blog. I think that all of us “small” bloggers have… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  Madara

You know how much I appreciate you and your blog. I would absolutely love to watch your YouTube videos and learn more about you. xo

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