Hello, awesome readers! :) There is a slight chance you have been wondering WHERE DID I GO and WHY (if you are very new here – this blog had a break for more than 6 months). Originally I did not want to write this kind of post where I explain where I was, what happened etc, but the truth is, it felt weird just to start with a random themed post. So here we go – ‘What happened’ chatter ahead! :D

What happened

There was no big reason like school work or regular work that interfered with blogging. It was just me. I interfered with my blogging. I know it wasn’t my intention to drop blogging at that moment, it just happened. I was out of blogpost ideas, it took forever to upload the post and I wasn’t getting the satisfaction I craved.

However, these are just symptoms I mentioned. I had no real vision for Lookforsmile. I was still struggling with questions like –  do I make it a self-love blog? do I make it an eco-blog? How to turn it into something that earns me some money as well? I was struggling with low self-esteem, comparison and the fear of the unknown path of my life. In fewer words – I was extremely LOST.

What changed

Since the time when my last post is published (October 27, 2017), A LOT has changed. I got through some emotionally extremely hard times that taught me so much. ( I definitely have to expand on this topic in another post!) That experience was a slap in my face that made me realize how much I needed a change of perspective. And a general change in my life.

And slowly I did just that. I changed. I am still changing but truth is, I will never stop changing. I want to change and grow and become better and better version of myself while fulfilling my true life purpose. I know, I know – sounds cheesy. :D But that’s how I call it when you realize what are the main things you want in life.

What’s next?

I am not going to expand much more on what changed in me, we are going on this journey together. It will be more fun this way anyway. ;) I’ll try to share my life living ideas here because I think and analyze a lot and writing is just a natural way for me to express myself. I do hope to soon find a video format I feel authentic in and expand Lookforsmile to video as well, but at this moment, I haven’t found the right approach for me (and, yes, I am terrified to really put myself out there for the judging eyes of the Internet :D).

I know I am passionate about green living too but I am also … slow ( sometimes I really am like the sloth in Zootopia. That’s embarrassing :D ). So I really hope to slap my ass (Feels like it is not an expression in English.. :D ) and finally live in a way that feels authentic and in alignment with me. And that means living much more respectfully to the Earth, spreading the word and sharing my experiences and ways how to live conscious inside and out.

What else

One thing that hasn’t changed through years on Lookforsmile – I am always encouraging individuality, authenticity and honesty. I am doing the best I can myself but it also means feeling exposed and vulnerable in public. As a more sensitive person, I feel like it is more challenging, but you know – let’s LIVE! Feel the feels and fully enjoy this Earthly experience. ;)

(And, yes, :D I sometimes write posts to cheer myself up and inspire not to bury myself in self-pity, self-doubt, and fear. That is no way to live, people. Be brave and choose love. I believe in you!)

As you see, people can talk and talk about themselves :D (so ask questions to start a conversation! (if that is something you struggle with)). I think I gave some explanations, some random information about myself aaaaand see you in the next post! :)

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What are some future plans you are looking forward to? :)

                                 With love,


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