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I love this outfit. That is not something I would ordinary wear, but in some way I think it suits me well. These photos, by the way, are taken during the Christmas holidays. I believe the next day it became cold and windy. And day after that, snow fell. :D So, I just wanted to point out that this was the last moment to take outside outfit photos, because since then, the weather has been really wintery. :) -10⁰C and lower plus snow. Yeeey, for winter! I do love winter though. If a) there is snow; b) I have appropiate (warm) clothing. I was born in winter too. I have noticed that people who are born in winter don’t mind the cold but summer children are more eager for the warmth. However I crave sunlight. In Winter, in Summer, Spring or Autumn. Sun is my season! :) Oh, a chit-chat about weather. :D However, I do enjoy talking about weather even in real life too. Even with people I don’t have a problem to find a topic to talk about. You know, people say that weather chit-chat is a great conversation starter, because weather – that’s one thing we all have in common! ;)

So, what can you add to my weather chit-chat? :) Are you enjoying cold and snowy winter or are you living in a country where there is never snow and cold?

                                   With love,


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8 years ago

Hi again. Checked skirt contrasts really well with black t shirt and the over the knee socks offer a good alternative to tights. Necklace is cool too.

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