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Hello, beautiful people! Last week (or weeks!) has been a handful. Lacking inspiration (hence no post on Tuesday), feeling down and drinking (are you thinking wine? :D no, no, no!!) too much coffee to feel more alive. Also trying to find focus for the blog and focus in general in my life. Guess, more you think, more you have no idea. :D So, that’s in a nutshell how I’ve been feeling lately. Not THAT cheerful but that’s how I flow. At one point full of ideas and energetic and a week later ideas seem stupid and energy level is low. And then again, week later everything’s fine. Ok, maybe my rhythm doesn’t go excatly by weeks but you get the point. I was thinking it’s because of THOSE hormones, you know? Women stuff. I should balance mine more :D . Have any ideas?

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I’ve been reading those tips “How to make a good blog” and so on, that say that you need a quite narrow niche to succeed (or at least succeed faster than in therms of years) and provide some quality content that is meaningful to people. However, I like chatty posts about easy updates about person’s life. Actually not that much about life (what you ate and where you’ve been) than thoughts, experiences, feelings. I like reading them and I like writting them. One of my favourite little pieces I wrote is from this post. Weather talk. :D It doesn’t get chattier than that. Also, in real life, I am not the chattiest person. I wish I was one of those people who always have a topic in their mind! But no, not always. I mean I can chat with people, but it helps if the person I am talking to is chattier than me.

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So, two paragraph about nothing much! Hope you are having great time though! :)

Please share your thoughts about chatty – personal type posts in the comments or tell me what you think is the most important tip to succeed as a blogger! :)

                                 With love,


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8 years ago

Your photographs are so pretty! And great post. I really wish there were more chatty posts online. How to run a successful blog is great and all but I personally like blogs who can tell stories or get a little personal.
xx Diana |

8 years ago

I love chatty post! I actually want to get back to doing some of those on my blog as lately I’ve been writing a lot of how to’s and such! Even in those post I like to add my experience so I guess it’s still pretty chatty haha! NARROW NICHE?! Oh no that’s a Blog Myth for sure I covered that in a post from a while ago! People like all kinds of post so why not let them come and see what all you are made of! It gives you a mixture of readers that you can identify with!… Read more »

8 years ago

You’re so adorable & these photos are such full of character!

I’ve never been a fan of niche post, I think that your blog should be who you are & I love what you’re doing on your blog. Chit chat post are my favorite tbh, I just love reading what goes on in peoples life’s. I’m old fashion when it comes to blogging.

Great post & best to a more & chattier you!!!


8 years ago

Hi Madara, that’s a great post. Light hearted but entertaining. You’re probably chattier than you think. Regards / Fergus

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