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Hey guys! Building up my courage to restart blogging again. I have some changes in mind, hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy them already! :)

So, previously in the About page I wrote that this is 3.0 and I hope that this one is the one that sticks. It was close, but I feel like I should label this upcoming new era – 3.1. Everything is still a little bit blurry (what to do, how to do it, when to do it etc) but I am determined to keep blogging as I’ve really missed it this past month.

As you see, I’ve change the topics I am going to write about. I am thinking of spreading ideas how to be a happier person, how to feel whole and balanced. All that through my experience, as I’ve got some in this area of life. ;) Also I am really into Earth-love too. I CARE about the environment and natural ingredients that do not harm Environment AND humans. So, I wanna pick up some topics in that category too.

I kept the DIY section as I love DIY. :) I might not do it as often as I would love to, but I am sure I will have some projects I’ll wanna share. I’ve been DIY-ing stuff in my head (and IRL sometimes too) since I was a teenager. Some bizzare ideas I had back then :D but some little bit more sane projects hopefully will pop up on this blog.

That’s about it for this comeback post! :) See you soon and keep smiling – Spring is here! :)

I would appreciate if you would leave topics or little ideas you would like to read about concerning self-love, accepting yourself, feeling happy etc. in the comments section. All things about happy life you haven’t figured out yet. :)

                           With love,


I am in the social media, too. Come say hi! :) Instagram | Twitter! :) Or send me a message by e-mail. also has a facebook page, meet you there?


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Anne @ Annesmiles
Anne @ Annesmiles
7 years ago

Yay for a new site! That’s always exciting! I love to read and learn about self-love in all types of contexts and what it means to you

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