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Hey, happy peeps! :) Hope you are doing great and feeling happy and content! It is very nice to see you there, btw. Ok, let’s talk about Halloween, shall we?

So, I am not from the UK or USA (you might have guessed that, hehe ;) ). In Latvia Halloween celebration is still not very popular. Lately, we have been having Halloween decorations in shops and young people are going to dress-up parties, and in some districts kids are going trick-or-treeting but it is still not like a national thing. When I was growing up, Halloween did not exist. It came to Latvia around 5 – 7 years ago and it was a foreign holiday Latvia’s youngsters found compelling and fun.

Latvian “Halloween-y” traditional holidays. I know you wanna know more about traditional latvian holidays, right? :D Ha ha. I know most likely you don’t, BUT (you knew there was a but coming ;) ) I cannot speak about why I do not celebrate Halloween, not talking about Halloween latvian style or similar holiday to Halloween no one (I exaggerate here a little bit) celebrates anymore. It is called Martin’s day and is celebrated in November 10th. People in Latvia celebrated end of harvest season, they put on masks (scary ones as well, f.e. death) and walked to neighbour houses asking for food and drinks and just generally had a good old style fun. Very similar to Halloween, isn’t it?

Modernization of Halloween. I think the reasons why Halloween is still popular is that people modernized it, made it appealing to the modern human, because, well, not a lot of us grow our own food anymore and harvest season is not a thing anymore in our everyday lives. So, I am just saying, why celebrate some holiday that is meaningful to other nations and why not modernize and celebrate our own holidays? But this is me getting all philosophical on you, sorry for that! ;)

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True meaning behind Halloween. Another thing, reading about Halloween in Wikipedia ;) I learned that Halloween has so many meanings behind it. Starting from harvest season (the pumpkins etc) and ending with remembering the dead and doing some scary superstition magic. I think the modern human doesn’t know what those things (aka rituals) he is doing (wearing scary masks, trick-or-treeting, jack the lantern etc) even mean (I might be wrong here, please be nice! :) ). As Valentine’s day, it feels like Halloween is commercialized just as a fun-scary party. But to be honest, having an additional celebration is fine too, always good to blow off some steam and have a gathering of friends.

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It is scary. Back to me and Halloween :D I am not into scary things. I do not watch scary movies (EVER) and I do not go to haunted houses and other that kind of theme parks. Just not for me. I do not scare people on purpose and I do not find it funny. But that’s just me. I get scared sometimes just being alone at home at the night :D so I’m good in the scary section. :D Also I find it disturbing seeing people look dead or damaged (blood everywhere, knives sticking out etc).

Now moving on to more cheerful things :) – what I love about Halloween. :)

Dress-up. It is always fun to dress-up and be something else for the night or wear the weirdest but best clothes ever (like cloaks and stuff, things you cannot wear everyday but they feel so magical! ;) ). In Halloween, most likely I would dress as a witch. Good witch, of course. And pretty. :D Not wrinkled and mean. Yuck!

Pumpkins. I have grown to love those carved pumpkins. I like better when they are happy looking (oh, boring me :D ) and with a light inside they look nice and cozy (just what Halloween was going for :D ).

Talking about death. Halloween theme in general is something scary and death related (zombies, ghosts etc). Why I like it, if previously it sounded like I didn’t? I think it is healthy for humans to talk about it, maybe embrace the death thing a little, making it a bit more acceptable. I think death is something we are all scared of and it is nice one day in a year just let it go.

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Ah, I wasn’t going for that long of a post (again) but it just happend as I rambled on. :) Hope you enjoyed it and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :)

Tell me in the comments why do you like (or dislike) Halloween! I would like to hear your thoughts as well.

                            With love,


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The Sunday Mode
The Sunday Mode

The Latvian holiday does sound really similar to Halloween! Halloween in Australia is no where near as big as it is in America, people don’t really go trick or treating here or celebrate it very much. Personally I like halloween but I don’t really ‘celebrate’ it myself, the most I’ll do is put on a scary movie or something like that and have a night in.

Julia // The Sunday Mode


I don’t celebrate Halloween too. I’m from Croatia and as well as in Latvia, Halloween isn’t as popular as in other countries. We actually have pretty similar non Halloween traditions (st. Martin’s day). I’m not a fun of scary movies either. They give me nightmares and that’s something I really don’t need. xo

Antonia || Sweet Passions