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Pictures are taken years ago. They are from 2011 and I, myself, am suprised how far it already is. That time I was taking photo courses, that’s why I went out and took photos of random nature objects. ;)

I’ve been gone so long! :O Really don’t know how that happend. :D Had ideas and photos but posts still didn’t come together. Lack of motivation? Or inspiration? Probably. Spring fatigue. :D You know, when winter has ended and spring is not quite there yet and your body is lacking vitamins and minerals because winter reserves have been finally emptied. Also by March there should be some of those postive changes we were hoping for when we made New Year’s resolutions. And by March, the New Year is no longer new, 2016 is finally just a Year, so it is 100% time to stop gather information and motivation and time to take action to make 2016 the best year ever as we all secretly hoped in January 1st. ;)

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And, yes, I guess my lack of motivation come from the fact that it is time to take action. But with what should I start? That is my stumbling stone. Have those big dreams and ideas, but what IS THE FIRST STEP to achieve them? Do you know your first step? I hope you do! :) Of course before thinking about first step you should know what is that what you want. But that’s a different talk.

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Spring nature, lack of inspiration - blog -

Also, I am quite the overthinker. Somehow scared to make the wrong choice. Even though I know there is no such thing as wrong choice. I just think if I start moving in one direction, I have no coming back, I’ve made a commitment and that’s it. However I know it is not true. It is so much better to DO and figure out what you like in the process. But I just freeze when I have to make a commitment. Not that I don’t have sense of responsibility, I do. I guess I don’t think I can do things good enough.

Actually, that’s it for today. :D Somehow ended on a weird note, but hopefully you have something to take from this little open post of mine. :)

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How are you feeling in March? :) Have you done something already to achieve your New Year’s resolutions? :) Anyways, there’s still time. Hope it is warm where you live and spring has come with lots of sun, buds and flowers!

                                   With love,


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Emma | Creative Explorations
Emma | Creative Explorations
8 years ago

I feel ya, Madara. I find myself a bit overwhelmed, yet lacking motivation around this time of year as well. It’s super hard to face that fact that we’re a quarter way through the year, and it’s time to start making stuff happen before the other three quarters slips away. Push through it, girl, I’m right behind you.

Emma |

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