Hello my awesome readers! :) Wanted to ask you if you are feeling happy and thrilling about life but since you have opened thist post I guess you are not feeling the best. But that’s ok, let’s try to change that? Also if you are not feeling depressed, that’s ok too, you are more than welcome to read this post, because maybe you will find some new ideas for your life anyway or will know what to do if a “feeling low” day approaches. ;)

Note. I am not a qualified psychologist, my advice is only from my perspective and if you are feeling really bad and depressed, please, seek professional help so you can get better as soon as possible! :) Love ya’, you can do this!

Another note. Here talking about depression I mean the state of a bad mood and lack of interest in life, not speaking of clinical depression or something that should be cured with a specialist’s help.

Now when we are done with the formalities and terminology ;) let’s get into it! :)

When you feel depressed the only thing you wanna do is to lie on the couch and most likely do nothing. For me depression or feeling low goes hand to hand with self-esteem so when I am feeling down, I also feel like I cannot do anything right in my life. Soo… How to fix that?

Here are my tips

Sometimes the thing you need is a few days at home. Nothing wrong with taking a few days off to be with yourself at your own house. Stay at home, take care of yourself, watch your favourite TV show or films that inspire you and do everything else that you love. Maybe things you haven’t done in a long time, for example, painting or crochet, or cooking etc. Just relax (oh how easy, right? :D) and enjoy yourself, leave all your troubles OUTSIDE the safe cocoon your house is.

Make your negative self-destructing thoughts into affirmations. Write down what you don’t like about your life at the moment and then write positive affirmations to change those negative aspects. Writing down all the things you don’t like also gives you power over them. For example, “I hate that I am so shy”, you make into “I am grateful that I am outgoing and have fun with other people!” and so on. These positive affirmations could really inspire you to feel good about yourself again. It gives hope, and getting back hope is very important because one of the aspects of depression is the lost hope for life. And using the phrase “I am grateful for..” is very powerful too because you can be grateful ONLY for those things that already ARE in your life, so you are sending a strong signal to your subconsious and the Universe that you already ARE those positive things you wanna be.

Get outside your comfort zone. Finally the most important step to get out of depression in my opinion (that’s why I made it into the title as well :) ). For me depression is about boiling in my own juice – nothing new happens, nothing exciting happens, all the time the same, the same, the same. It is very important to GET OUT OF THAT. Dealing with things outside your comfort zone also helps to believe in yourself again. The things you do can be very ordinary, for example, trying a new workout on youtube or starting to learn a foreign language on Duolingo. You can also say more “Yes”. :) A friend asks if you wanna go to a concert you are not sure about – say yes! Just for fun! If you don’t like it, you can always go home. It is very important to break the loop of depression and feeling trapped into your boring mundane life. You can try some extreme activities as well. Nothing CRAZY (if you don’t want to of course :) ), but even going snowboarding or mountain skiing, or driving a carting or rodel track can give you the necessary adrenaline. Nothing gets out of the rut than a dose of fresh positive-adrenaline (I mean that kind that excites you, not that kind that makes you wanna pee in your pants :D ).

Try new things – explore the world. This does go with the previous one – get outside your comfort zone, but I want to highlight this point because it is very IMPORTANT. Life is not boring. There are so many things you haven’t tried yet! And not just extreme sports or stuff like that, there are places you haven’t seen or chilled activities you haven’t done. So do something you have always wanted to do but always something has gotten in the way – is it money, is it time or is it just you. If you wanna do it – just do it! :) About money, I’ve been there where it feels that money holds me back (not money, the LACK of money), but a new thing can also be, for example, finding a new job or making your hobby into a business. And don’t you dare to say that you cannot do anything good enough to make it into a business. I don’t believe you. ;) EVERYONE has talents and competences, yours just MIGHT not be that obvious (for example, drawing, painting or handicrafts) but you might have a knack with people or you know the best ways how to organize closets and cupboards. Or anything else. Think about it.

Move your butt. The best anti-depression workouts I have found are from Blogilates. The trainer Cassey is so cheerful and funny positive! :) And gives you motivation not just for workouts but for life too. Cassey is like the supportive, motivating best friend you never had. ;) To get your juices flowing you don’t need to obligatory have a 30 minute workout session. Just workout for 3, 6 or 10 minutes! Do it for YOURSELF and your WELL BEING not the flat abs (which can still happen too! ;) ).

The best thing you can do for yourself is to let yourself be. Listen to your body. Listen to your soul. LISTEN. Nowdays I think we so often forget to listen to ourselves – what are the cravings we truly have. Don’t hate yourself because you are that or that or not good enough. First of all, there is no such thing as  “good ENOUGH” (read a whole post about “Are you good enough?”) and secondly remember that your body is trying to tell you something important with the depression. Listen what it has to say. And when I say listen to you body (which is kind of an abstract task, isn’t it?) I mean stay still, accept what you are feeling, stop fighting it for the moment and just ask yourself – why am I feeling this way. Don’t judge, just acquiesce. You can do this, I believe in you! :)

It is not an easy journey, fighting depression, so I wanna say to you – don’t give up, keep going even when you don’t want to, keep believing in the good in yourself and others even when it is crazy hard and NEVER EVER lose HOPE. Keep that ray of sunshine even when you don’t want to. Hope will get you through it.

Thank you so much for reading til the end :) , wow, you are awesome! :)

What are the best remedies you use to get out of rut or depression? Share in the comments so others can maybe benefit from them too! You never know who you might help. ;)

                           With love,


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7 years ago

Great post! I think exploring the world a little, but even in just really small ways and starting locally, to get my out of my comfort zone and to challenge the things that stand in the way (money and health) would be really good for me. Very encouraging to read this, thanks for sharing :)

Caz x

Ashlynn Cueto
Ashlynn Cueto
7 years ago

When I’m feeling down, I like to catch up on sleep. I find that I don’t get enough rest most days, and just catching extra ZZZs can really brighten my mood when I wake up.

Ashlynn | http://thecrimsoncardigan.com

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