This is what I wrote yesterday (November 18th):

“Hii! Today I have kind of a 1 year blogaversary because this is the day I published my FIRST blogpost on my “demo” blog! Check it out here. So, today in Latvia we also have national holiday, we celebrate the proclamation of our country in 1918. Double birthday for me! ;) Actually that’s about it I have to say today. :D Hopefully, we will bake some awesome cake and celebrate!”

And we did. Celebrate. And baked the cake. Cake pictures coming up! Celebration pictures not so much because we had champagne and champagne does some crazy things. Hmm..

Anyway, about the cake. It was supposed to be patriotic coloured cake, like Latvia’s flag. It came out kind of like that. Actually, I loooveeed the end result.

Few words about the process. We first forgot to put the coloring in and then almost forgot to add flour to the eggs to make dough but aside from that everything went great. :)

So, here adding some coloring to the dough..

Colouring in biscuit dough - blog -


Cutting the biscuit plate in two (It was supposed to “raise up” after cooking, but as we added flour just in the end, the eggs did not raise as they lost the airy structure they had right after mixing).

Cutting cake plates - blog -


Looking pretty, the Latvian flag! :)

Flag of Latvia from cake - blog -

And the topping, which I think came out awesome!

Latvia cake - blog -

Also I added the recipe I used.

For the plates:

6 eggs;

6 table spoons of sugar;

6 table spoons of white flour;

Vanillin sugar;

Pinch of salt;

Red food coloring;

Bit of baking powder;

Cocoa powder.

For the filling:

320g curds;

500ml cream;




The process:

So, part the egg glair from the yolk. Add sugar, vanilin sugar, red food coloring to the yolk and whip it. Then add the flour and a table spoon of cocoa powder to the whipped yolks. Then whip the egg glair with a pinch of salt till it has made strong foam. Add the egg glair foam to the egg whipped eg yolk, stir everything together (do it very lightly and gentle!) and pour into baking form, which is slushed with butter (so the dough don’t stick to the form after baking). And put right into the oven (about 180⁰C).

While the plates are baking, whip that cream into whipped cream (with sugar) and add to the curds! It is best if the curds have small grains. Done!

When the plates are ready, cut them in half horizontally, wait till they cool a little bit and put in the filling. Put the other plate on top and put some filling material on top of the cake. And then add cranberries. Oh, it was one delicious cake! :) And easy to make too. Have fun!

So, what was the last thing you baked? Did everything go allright?

                            With love,



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kian fit
kian fit
8 years ago

made me hungry this post !!

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