Dream catcher - look for smile

Being a blogger means to catch the beauty of everyday life. Sometimes it seems like bloggers have more magnificent lives and more pretty things but it’s only because they know how to „look from the bright side” and how to catch the moment so it feels idyllic. It’s all about the pictures and attitude. Bloggers in general have a killer positive attitude and making beautiful pictures is not that hard how it looks. ;) Just take camera and start shooting, if you are interested! And you will be suprised what you can get out of yourself, if you have no high expectations! With this little post I don’t want to make bloggers look less magnificent and awesome, just the opposite, I want to remind you, that we all are magnificent and awesome just the way we are! :)

My everyday beauty random you can see in the pics. ;)

Dream catcher feathers - look for smile

Dream catcher - look for smile

Notebooks - look for smile
This one you already saw in my instagram feed ;)

nail polish - look for smile

Pink flower - look for smile

Pink flowers - look for smile

Can I see your beautiful everyday pics somewhere? :)




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