Hey there! To be honest this could almost be the whole post – just the first part of the title, because that is the message I want to share with you today. :) But I will expand a little bit more so maybe I can explain it a little bit better.

You know how the new body positive message is “Love your body!” and that’ all cool and rosy but sometimes it is so hard to love someone who you feel like doesn’t love you back. Don’t you think? That it is easier to love someone who LOVES you back. So I am here to tell you that … Your body loves you!

Your body is always on your side

You know how I know that? Because your body is ALWAYS on your side! You can always count on it to have your back. For example, when you are irresponsible and drink too much, your body will make you throw up so you don’t poison yourself till the end; when you over-work-out and feel like passing out, your body shuts down the uncesessary systems to keep you alive overall; when you go on a crazy-ass diet and eat only grapes for 3 or more days, your body manages. Even though your are lacking nutrients and energy, you are still alive and kicking. Your body’s prioroty always is You!

Sometimes as victims of the modern looks and ideas, we put our bodies through very tough times. For the sake of flat stomach and skinny thighs we can starve ourselves and cut off nutrients our body so much needs. Our bodies can go through specific starvations for extended periods of time and still survive. The story here is – no matter what, our bodies will pull the resources and no matter how awful we treat them, will try and keep us alive and work through everything just so YOU can do your life thing.

So, I will repeat, Your body loves you! :)

See health problems as your body’s way of telling you – something has to change!

Sometimes your body still loves you but has to use painful methods to send you a signal so you can finally hear it. For example a panick attack is an extremely red flashing light signal that your nervous system is overwhelmed and tired and you need to take more care of yourself and let go of the inner stress that is eating you alive (at leat it was in my case, I am not an expert in all types of this condition), if you abuse your digestion system too much, it will start to act out and you need to be more loving and considerate about what you eat, how much you eat and how often and so on. Don’t be mad at your body for sending those signals, that is the only way it can communicate with you, if you don’t listen daily.

Dissolve hate

Love your body, because you now know – your body loves you back! :) I don’t know how about you, but for me it made a big difference. It dissolved the hate I had for my body: hate that it felt like it acts on its own, hate on my “not really existing” body fat, just hate that it is not what I want it to be and it dissolved some of the hate I had just for myself and my self-being.

Body is a symptom

If you have a problem with your body, you actually have a problem with yourself. You don’t hate your body or your body parts seperately, there is something in YOU that is not satisfied with your whole being. Your body is never the reason, it is always the symptom.

You and your body are ONE

By understanding that my body actually loves me, for me it opened doors for “I love myself” because let’s be honest, our bodies are not seperated from “us”. What is “us” anyways. It just feels like that sometimes, don’t you think? That it is ME against my body. Like we are living seperately. But we don’t. My body IS me! But because we are extremely intelligent in more ways than IQ, by saying – my body loves me – it gives me the feeling that, YEAH, my physical form actually has my back, I am not alone in this. And of course, if something loves me, it makes no sense for me to hate it and it is more easier to love it back.

I really really hope I inspired you towards self-love and body-love and all the good stuff because it is so sad to see people being bad to themselves. Punishing themselves for no good reason at all. Your body loves you! So does your soul, your mind and every other aspect of you. Because, you know what? For your body, it makes no sense to hate you. Your body has nobody else but YOU. Your body is devoted to you. Your body is like a good robot whose only reason to be is to a) do what you say, b) keep you alive.

On that note, let’s end and meet in the next post. :)

What is your favourite way to take care of your body, mind and soul?

 With love,


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5 years ago

You’re right, our bodies always are on our sides! It’s easy to forget. I love this! Keep it up x

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