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Remember, I wrote in this post about not reading men’s blogs? And remember, how I said, I will go looking for them after finishing? I did, and thought I will share my results and insights with you. :)

I came to a conclusion, that blogs mostly are gender focused. Now looking at it, it is not that big of a suprise. I mean, it just happens that way naturally. We write about what interests us and men and women in lifestyle area are interested in different things, aren’t we? Yes, there are topics that can interest anyone – history, books, geography, environment issues and so on, but those blogs are about these topics and the gender does not matter, it is irrelevant. So, me feeling bad, that I daily don’t read any men’s blogs – I now feel less discriminatory, because I am just not interested in things that mostly men are interested. By the way, this all post is generalized, I hope you understand. :) I took a brief look in google, I did not read ALL men’s blogs out there and so on. Just telling you what impression I got, when I first faced this topic. ;)

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So, again, what did I find. Googling something like “man’s blog” or “blog written by man“, I got ton of blogs of men’s fashion and style. A LOT. Than I found a blog type group – dad bloggers. Found that interesting and new, but since more men are staying at home to take care of children (not that all these dad blogger do that!!!), that’s not a suprise. However, I think it would be fun to read the dad part of raising children. :) And the last kind of blogs, that came up a lot, were mixed with all things most men would be interested in – style, technology, cars, babes, funny (and not so funny) jokes and pictures and so on.

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So, here are few of my findings. :)

Dad blogs

Busy dad blog – Fun writting style and that much as I read, post are not just about being a dad, there are interesting stories of a man, who is dad.

Go fatherhood – The same as the previous one, this contains stories of a man, who is a dad (follow me with this way of saying it!). I think that in this blog, the posts are more about serious stuff, gives something to think about but still keeps it interesting. The newest post at this time, I found really readable.

At home dad matters – As the title says, one about at-home dad.

Fashion and style blogs

I am galla – Lifestyle, fashion and travel. What else to say. ;) All is cool! :) Clean design, pretty, qualitative pictures and readable content! Oh, and there is a handsome man in the pics! ;)

He spoke style – Lifestyle and fashion. There you can find some tips about men’s fashion and posts about manly things like something about whiskey. Also includes topics about grooming, suits and other.

Michael 84 – One man’s opinion and insights of fashion and lifestyle. Easy readable blog and I like that it feels personal and authentic. :)

Grooming guru – as the title says, again, blog purely about grooming. Man’s beauty box, what should be inside?

Maketh the man – accessories, lifestyle, fashion and everything else that can interest one person. There is a food&drink section, and it is interesting how the content differs from, what I think, would be in a woman’s blog under the same section. ;)

So, that’s about it for today. Hope you enjoyed my insights about blogs written by men! :) Writting the little descriptions about the blogs, made me look more into them and I did find some I will be reading regulary now. :) How about you? What man written blogs do you read? And, how do you think, is blogging field 50:50 men vs women or the relation is not that uniform? Do share! :)




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