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Hello babes and charming gents! :) Today I have for you an untraditional post for me – sharing eco-zero-waste examples with links from all around the World (ok, sharing those I found ;) and if you know any other please, please, please SHARE! :) ).

At first  I thought I would find a lot of zero-wasty products people have made, but instead, I will go with a mix of a few products and inspiring eco-zero-waste people/influencers/personalities. :) These people (both who make nature-friendly products and who live eco/zero-waste lifestyle) make me believe in the humanity again and give me hope that someday all human beings will find eco-zero-wast-y living a norm. :)

Let’s start with a zero waste grocery store in Germany. I will share some links where you can see and read more about it and some lovely people have already written great reviews, so I won’t do that, but in general, it is a store that sells in a bulk and do not use plastic packaging for their products. Even though the idea is AWESOME I think shopping in a bulk and taking your own jars and cloth bags with you to the shop might take some time to get used to. I think it is like that with most of zero-waste habits. At first it feels weird and a lot of work but later on you cannot go back to the old ways. But I might write a philosophical disqution about it in the future. :D ;) Hehe :) As well, I think that this is NOT the only zero waste grocery store but they are still a rear breed.

This is a source which contains an interview with the creators of the zero waste grocery store in Germany.

And on Wasteland Rebel is a review of the zero waste shop, very detailed blog post with a lot of pictures and explanations. Btw this blog is full of tips and zero waste lifestyle bits. :)

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Rothy’s shoes from fibre made from PET bottles. Finding sustainable and cute looking fashion pieces is a challenge, I think. Even though I am not sure what happens to Rothy’s when you are done with them (they do offer an option of sending your old shoes back to their manufacture, I suppose to reuse what’s reusable), while plastic bottles are used in everyday life, upcycling them is a good option. I would really like to try these but they have 2 downsides: they cost over $100 and they for now don’t ship outside USA. But when they will, I will definitely consider buying a pair. :)

Here are two reviews of Rothy’s – both stunning and saying only good things about the shoes. ;) The Style safari and All day I dream about food.

And here is Rothy’s official site.

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By the way, there is a similar project by Adidas x Parley using plastic found in ocean to make sports footwear.

Inspiration for zero waste lifestyle. This lady, Lauren Singer, introduced me to zero waste principles a few years ago. Don’t know how exactly I found her blog but that’s the beauty of the internet, you somehow once in a while stumble upon bloggers, influencers, products, events, webpages and information you really enjoy or were looking for. About Lauren, she lives zero waste and promotes her lifestyle, and she is awesome. :) I also used her homemade zero waste toothpaste recipe as an inspiration for mine. :) Oh, I forgot to mention :D hehe, her blog and youtube channel is called Trash is for tossers and she has a zero waste cleaning products company Simply co. as well.

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Alex from tinted Green. Alex is an eco-blogger and youtuber and I really enjoy her content most likely because we have a similar style. :D Hehe. To be honest, I did find her for only recently but totally fell in love with her work. Another thing, finding ecobloggers is not that easy, what do you think? Little derogation, I started searching in Instagram by hashtag #ecoblogger to find some cool ecobloggers to follow and that’s how I found Alex. I just think it is hard to find specific type of blogs if it is not beauty or fashion :D because on twitter hashtags go by really fast, if you know what I mean, that’s why I think Instagram is better for finding specific niche bloggers because people there post NOT THAT frequently and it is easier to find someone you like. And searching in google is no use because it will give you results of really BIIGG bloggers which is also cool, of course, because they are big for a reason ;) but I like connecting with smaller ones as well! Back to Alex and Tinted Green, she has interesting series called “Simple swaps” about how to with little effort exchange un-ecological habits and products for more ecological ones.

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I think I will end it here :) and hope you liked my suggestions and will have a look and be more inspired for nature-friendly lifestyle yourself! :)

If you know any other awesome eco-friendly influencers or products, or anything else, please share in the comments below and let me know if you found something new and useful in this post :). Or did you already know everything? :O

                           With love,


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7 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing about Tinted Green and these other awesome accounts! ?☺️???

7 years ago

I’m not sure, but I think a company here in Wales might fit the bill… They make paper from sheep poo (I kid you not!). Search for sheep poo paper on Google! They are situated just down the road from the Centre for Alternative Technology (who are very eco-friendly).

7 years ago

This is amazing. I think that it’s so important to recycle and take care of the nature however we can. I always try to learn more on how to be more eco-friendly. Thank you for sharing these links. I know what I’m going to do for the rest of the day. xo

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