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Post inspired by one of my good friends. :) Thanks!

1. Sleep. Are you sleeping OK? Fatigue might be caused by something that “simple”. Just make sure you have a really good rest and see how things are looking then. If still not feeling energized enough, see the following points. ;)

2. Vitamins. In winter we tend to consume less vitamins and minerals as fresh fruit and vegetables are not that available (if you like me live in a temperate zone). So, make sure to have more salads or frozen berries, or fresh fruit or just vitamin supplements from the pharmacy. Those should work too! :) Try some multivitamins or consult the apothecary.

tiredness causes - blog - Lookforsmile.com

causes of tiredness - blog - Lookforsmile.com

3. Virus. Maybe your body is secretly fighting a virus or infection (like cold etc). You don’t see the symptoms yet, but your body knows best and puts all its recourses to keep you healthy. Just try to raise your immunity with vitamin C, enough sleep, ginger tea etc. Use all the methods you know and maybe share yours in the comments section. :) I’d love to know.

4. Stress. The no.1 cause of illness.Maybe you are stressed about work, school, University or just in general about life. There is such thing as “secret” stress where you think you are fine and handling everything very well, but actually that is your mind tricking you, you talking yourself into “I’m fine” but your body knows best. If feeling tired, maybe you are not admitting even to yourself that you are stressed and need some time off or just a relaxation session. Take care of yourself! :) It pays off.

spring tiredness - blog - Lookforsmile.com

5. Food. Have you eaten well lately? Maybe you are living on snacks or fast foods and your body just literally don’t have from where to get energy. Have some decent meal! Full with fresh vegetables, grilled vegetables, proteins, good carbohydrates etc. I believe you know what a good, nutritious meal is. :) If not, you will have to search google, I’m sorry, I’m not a food blogger. :D

6. Sunlight. Here where I live we get occasional sunlight. It is not that sunny as in Spain and not as overcast as in UK. Somewhere in between. But if you live in a similar place as I do, you might be lacking sunlight and vitamin D. Sunlight activates receivers in body (in eyes actually if I am not mistaken) that signals your brain that it is day time and you should be awake, so if it is really overcast and there is not enough sunlight, your body might feel sleepy just for that reason. There are special lamps you can use but also I believe that some time in tanning booth can help too. :)

winter tiredness - blog - Lookforsmile.com

+7. Sugar. Really bad advice :D as sugar is the ultimate enemy these days but if you are feeling tired just this one day, some sugary snack and coffee should pick you up just fine. :) Just don’t let it turn into habit, because in long-term neither coffee or sugar can help fighting fatigue, it could make it even worse.

vitamins in bowl - blog - Lookforsmile.com
And in the end some healthy looking berries. :)

How do you fight Spring fatigue? And how do you raise your immunity? :)

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