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Hello, awesome people! Are you feeling goooood today? :) I wrote about the reasons I left Uni in this post, and this one is a kind of Part 2 to that one. Here I wonder the importance of having a degree. Let’s get into it!

Note. I am talking just from my perspective and the universities I have experienced in my country. I don’t know the situation in the whole World or even Europe. Feel free to comment down below how the degree and universities situation is in your country!

So, do you? Do you need a Master’s degree to succeed in life? Do you need ANY kind of degree to succeed in life? Well, NO. Having a degree doesn’t define your rate of success. THAT depends on you. Does having a degree helps you in life? Well, YES. Not just that it shows that you are a ‘schooled individual’, you do learn a lot at university. No matter what your major is, universities tend to overwhelm their students with information, pressure, tasks, requirement etc and in this process you learn to manage yourself, to take action and how to do impossible things in a small amount of time. :D In short – you expand your mind and thinking. However, that is nothing you cannot do on your own. Most of us humans are too lazy though to do it on their own :D that’s why they happily go to universities where they are pressured to evolve themselves.

I did all that when I studied for my Bachelor’s degree. I was kind of miserable for 3 years because I chose a quite hard major in sciences. Now I am very happy that that was my choice – I learned so much there – not the actual study information, oh no, of that I remember very little :D, but I learned how to think, how to analyze, how to see every little detail, how to pack a lot of information in my head in a very little fo time. There are people who are better at everything of this, but my first studies really improved me as a person.

A little background on my part.

When I finished the Bachelor studies, I was done with the science, I knew it was not my true interest in life – I did not want to do Science for living, so I didn’t study further in Master’s program. But somehow, I felt incomplete. It felt like I have spent 3 years of my life for nothing. Now I see the benefits more clearly, but right after the studies I, firstly, felt extremely exhausted :D and secondly, I felt like I didn’t have any grounds to look for a job I really would like.

Two years I drifted and then decided to enroll in a Master’s program in a totally different field of study – education. I did the first semester, and it was awesome! I finally felt like I was in the right place, I was interested in the topics, I understood them and I was doing really well grade-wise. BUT I didn’t register for the next semester. Why? – You ask if the studies were so great? My reasons were – I wanted to choose topics to study, I couldn’t do a job together with full time studies and it felt like procrastination. More on the reasons why I left Uni, read in this post.

I think nowdays university education is a status, an acknowledgment that you are smart and ‘better’ than people without a degree. It still gives you an edge in job hunting, employers want a person with a university degree (they also want a person to be an expert in the field and other things. Sometimes when I read the ads, it is just comical how much they ask of the applicants. :D ), BUT there are fields where diploma is not that worthy, f.e. computer programming, SEO etc.

Even though it sounds good: “I have a Master’s degree” there is a big chance that to fulfill your own dreams – you don’t need it.

Let’s talk about bachelor’s now.  Do you need a bachelor’s degree to be successful in life? At this I look different. IF you know what you wanna do right after high school and you know how to achieve it (and you don’t need some special education for that) – go for it! DON’T spend your days wandering Uni halls. However, if you are like most of the highschoolers who are not sure what to do in the future, Uni is a great place where to start your grown-up life. It is like a transition from being a child (ok, ok – teenager) to being a grown-up. You will expand your horizons, make new friends and grow as a person. Guaranteed. So, I would say, go and get that bachelor’s degree! However, don’t be scared to quit the bachelor studies if you feel like that is something you really don’t like. Even a semester in a wrong study program is a gain, NOT wasted time.

The bottom line is, this is not 1900 anymore, a University degree (bachelor’s OR Master’s) WILL NOT open you ALL the doors, it is just an addition to your personality, character and willpower. To succeed in life you will need to work and work hard (that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun though :) ). I do believe that the University diploma has lost its value but how can it not, compared to before when only few people were University graduates, nowdays every other person has a some kind of degree.

I reaaally wanna hear what do you think about university degrees and their value in life! :) Be sure to share your opinion and experience in the comments. :)

                   With love,


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  1. Hi! :)
    And how about finances? Was Your studies for free? In now days, if you do not get in “budget group” in Latvia, studies are very high cost and if your parents can not afford to pay for them, it is nearly impossible to pay them yourself with half time job, don’t you think? Know many people who pays a big part of monthly incomes for years after they graduate.
    I quit my studies after a year, because my dad lost his job and I knew I can’t do it on my own at the time, there where more important things to invest my parents money at the time, so I made a decision. Never regreted it ??? Don’t have a bachelours degree, but I remeber that just when reading a posts like this. ?
    I think if the person is smart enough and want ro achive anything at all on his life, hi will. Maybe even more than “people with the degree”, because…well, the motivation to achive something big in life is very high leveled when everybody underestimates you. ??

    P.S maybe I do have to study…English grammer for excample ??

    • Madara Reply

      Wow, what a long comment, thank you for that :)

      Yes, I was in a budget group, very happy about that, have to say. :) The study cost differs though, there are countries where all higher education is for free but there are others where the cost is MUCH higher than in Latvia. So, I think study cost here is not that expensive compared to overall situation. BUT of course, the average salary situation here is different too. ;)

      Yup, to work a part time job, live independently AND pay for studies is impossible. If parents are supporting you at least accommodation wise and little bit pay for some expenses f.e. food :D, I think it’s doable. A lot of that depends on the major and lecture schedule, because some studies, expecially for the last study years have very flexible lecture schedules that it is almost possible to have a full-time job. Do both, of course, job AND studies is a handful and exhausting.

      Of course a person can achieve a lot without a degree! :) That is almost all the point of this post :D . But as I said before, in job hunting diploma can be useful (experience as well..). But if f.e. a person is going towards owning his own business, most likely the diploma will be just a never used, pretty paper in the drawer. But not all people are like that :) Or mature enough right after highschool. And some people really benefit from Uni experience – learn new things, make new friends and evolve as persons but it is of course doable without studies. :)

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