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Hey, lovely people! :) Coming to you today with a post about my University experience and why I decided NOT to continue studying for a Master’s degree.

Also, if you are somewhat like me and wondering do you even need a degree to succeed in life, I have post about that here. :)

I’ll be honest with you, I had some other reasons why I left Uni, but these ones are the most important ones for me. Also, there was the gut feeling, that going back would not be right, you know? You have to trust your gut! ;)

So, here are the reasons!

I cannot do full time or even half-time job with full time studies. Funnily, when I studied for the Bachelor’s degree, I had a part-time job at least half of the time, but during my Master’s studies, I tried that and it ended in ridiculous health problems. Would it have happend if I had just studied? I don’t know, maybe, but unlikely.

It felt like procrastination. Even though I learned some new things, the overall gain wasn’t big enough I guess. I knew that after the 2 years of studies, I will have only that – another diploma in an academic field. I couldn’t see the use of that diploma in my life. And as studies took a lot of my time (including traveling back and forth 4 days a week), I didn’t have time for projects that I reaaally cared about. It felt like that I will start the ‘real’ living in two years, after studies, but that’s not good enough. Studies DO NOT prepare for life, they just enrich your knowledge and personality.

I want to choose my study topics. In this Master’s programm, I had very little saying in what courses I wanna take. I had to choose a ‘study pack’ and stick with it. But I wasn’t passionate about a lot of the courses for my next semester and I thought to myself – what’s the point to study something just for studying sake? If your goal is the diploma and you know it will improve your life – then go for it! But in my case, it felt useless to study things I knew I will not use in the future at all. Now I am very excited to do some online learning and improve my English grammar and learn other new languages. :) Self-motivation is a tool I have, so I can afford this luxury – study on my own.

So, I decided, that I do not need a Master’s degree to succeed in life. I am very grateful for the semester I took, I met some awesome people and had a good introduction to the field. I don’t regret starting my Master’s studies. The last 5 month were very educational not just study wise but life wise. I learned what I can do and what I can’t, what interests me and what not so much, but most importantly I realized that just studying and studying I will not achieve anything in life (I can imagine how some of you are rolling your eyes and thinking: “Dah-ah” :D, but I did felt incomplete without the Master’s degree – like I wasn’t smart enought, so this recognition was important for me personally). I need to look at myself in different light (which I did) and start working on my dreams RIGHT NOW, Master’s education or not.

I also wanna note that this was a very hard decision for me. I am not one who likes to abandon things that I have started. Even though when thinking about my course mates who in two years will have Master’s degree and I feel a little bit jealous, I know this was the right decision for me.

And lastly, I don’t know, I might have a Master’s degree later in life. I am not totally ruling that out, but the older you get, the harder it is to fit in the University box and thinking. But another time another post on that. ;)

Tell me, do you have a Master’s degree and if you don’t do you wanna study to get one? What’s your experience? You can share your opinion about Bachelor’s degree as well. :)

                      With love,


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6 years ago

Currently writing my dissertation for my MSc in Public Health . I did it full time while working full time as well. It was hell ad I would not wish it on anyone. I’m so burnt out that I cannot be bothered and I’ve had to ask for extension on my dissertation. It can be really stressful and I think at the end of the day, you need to do what is best for you. If you have the energy, finance, and time at some point you can do because it opens a lot of opportunities for you (to some… Read more »

Freda Nomo
Freda Nomo
7 years ago

I’m doing a masters now in dance movement psychotherapy, I do enjoy but it is a struggle to find work. I do have a part time time but I’m usually burnt out after my three days of study at university.

With masters degrees it’s definitely something you should think about – I.e I jumped into one straight after my bachelors.

Also I think it depends on what you study, for example in order for me to qualify as a psychotherapist, i have to do a course regardless.

7 years ago

I have a masters in International business. I used to wonder why I bothered and figured it would never do me any good but then years afte I was offered a big salary and the money I made justified all the agony. I enjoyed reading your story. I also have a blog theinvisiblehindu.com Give a try if you have time I would appreciate it. I will continue to follow you.

7 years ago

Congratulations on your decision! It is by no means an easy one. I’m in the same boat myself. Decided (still undecided) to drop out of my Masters programme. I get what you said about looking at your classmates and feeling a bit jealous.

I’m not someone who doesn’t finish what she started as well, but I wasn’t feeling the Masters. My full time job didn’t make matters easy.

It’s not an easy decision to make but no one said life was going to be easy….


Ruth Hodkinson
Ruth Hodkinson
7 years ago

The thing with a masters – or even a degree – your heart has to be in it and you have to love it – otherwise you could be missing out on something great!!!


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