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Lately I have been actively engaging in bigger or smaller blogger communication. Wanted to share my little experience and thoughts! :)

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Firstly, Oh WOW how many bloggers are there. It is just mind blowing. Of course I don’t know all the bloggers and I haven’t read all the blogs. I feel like I have nearly scratched the surface. But that’s the thing, I have visited quite a lot blogs recently and I KNOW there is more and more, and more. To be honest, I am not telling any news, right? But for me, it is always hard to grasp how BIG this World really is, blogging and just in general Planet wise.

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Wanna know a secret? :) In the notebook to the left, I write everything regarding this blog – plans, schemes, post ideas etc. Also, these notebooks have been featured on the blog before. Did you see? Check out here!

What I love most about blogging, is to getting to know a variaty of people. And it doesn’t even mean talking to them directly, chatting in twitter, comments section or e-mail. It is enough to read someone’s blog. You can always see a personality through, at least some aspect of it. From the blog design to the pictures and written words. It is like learning about total strangers – who they are, their likes and dislikes. It’s fun! I really enjoy getting to know people.

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I use these pens not just for organising my planner but also fo creating little artwork. ;) Find it here!

I see the Internet as representative of the real World and I see bloggers as representatives of the real life people from all over the World. What I am trying to say, blogger usually really open up in their blogs, so you can really see the people. Their souls, characters, inner thoughts. It is more honest and sincere than just meeting strangers in public transport. So with blog reading, you can REALLY get to know what people are like.

Share your ideas what blogging means to you and how you feel about it in general! And your favourite part of blogging. :)

                           With love,


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7 years ago

I love your passion towards blogging – it really shows in your content <33

The Sunday Mode
The Sunday Mode
7 years ago

This is such a great perspective on things and you’re right! I’d never really thought of it that way but I love the idea that when you read a blog you’re getting to know a new person :)

8 years ago

I love your perspective on things, and I really look forward to reading more of your posts and chatting with you! I too love how you get to see what’s in someone’s heart by reading their blog, and that’s something that I personally find really special. So, thanks for having this blog and for being genuine :)

8 years ago

Blogging means so much to me! It is a place where I can write exactly what is on my mind and talk about things that I am passionate about. A really lovely post. So glad I found your blog through the #lbloggers chat tonight!

Sophie xx

Clare P
Clare P
8 years ago

I totally agree – it’s crazy when you start to think about just how many blogs there are out there! It’s easy to feel like a tiny fish in a huge pond, but it’s also really exciting to be a part of it!

Clare xx

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