Hello, awesome readers! :) So are you? Are you enough? Enough good? Enough smart? Enough pretty? … Time to time I see those articles that say “you are enough!” and then goes in depth explaining WHY are you enough. In this post I want to take a different approach and get rid of that “enough” and just say: “You are good. You are smart. You are pretty. etc”. For me “enough” shows that we are still comparing. Even though those articles want good and want you to realise that you are an awesome person, I think that the “enough” is unnecessary. Ok, hear me out.

Enough leaves room for doubt. Enough means you are, for example, a quite good person. It leaves a little window open for doubt to come in. Am I a good person? You can answer – YES, I am a good person. Am I a good enough person? It raises questions more than gives an answer. Enough for what? How much is enough? Am I enough? Also using “enough” means that you ARE NOT reaching that desired quality (pretty, smart, good etc), it means that you are NEVER fully good, pretty or smart, always “enough” of something, but never fully. Wow, I am trying really hard to explain my idea. :D Am I making sense so far? I hope so!!

The last sentence of previous paragraph made me think of an example where “enough” leave a positive footprint. You are enough. And that’s it. You are sufficient. You are whole. You have all you need to strive in life. Get my point? When “enough” is used as an adjective, not an adverb.

Let’s keep exploring the exciting world of “enough”. ;)

“Enough” for what. When using the “enough”, for what do you wanna be enough? Society, your parents, your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend, yourself? I want you to take a moment and be brave for a minute, and imagine that You ARE a good person. You ARE a beautiful person. You ARE a smart person. Just let it sink in. You are good. You are beautiful. You are smart. There is just You, no one else. Because you are an individual and we as humans are similar overall but also oh so different. Every person is different. It is even hard to imagine that the World can be filled with 7.5 billions different people, but I haven’t met two totally identical persons in looks AND characteristics. Even though there are identical twins, they have some differences too and their personalities are not the same. My point is, how can you compare, when the criteria for each and every one is different? That brings me to the next paragraph.

The characteristics, people use “enough” for, are relative. Good, pretty, smart. They never use it to compare characteristics you CAN actually compare, for example, have you ever heard someone say that your eyes are “enough blue”? or your hair is “enough brown”? No, because that is just stupid. How can your eyes be ”enough of some colour”. The same applies to personality BUT there comes a BUT. With eyes we all can see – yup, they are blue. With personality or general “beauty”, everyone has different standards about what is beautiful or what is good, so, the criteria is relative. It depends on the person, for example, will something look beautiful to him. To easy understand this, let’s take a look at fashion – one person will like the bell sleeves, the other one will prefer ¾ standart sleeves. Which ones are prettier? IT DEPENDS on who you ask.

Ditch the “enough”. You will never be “enough” because it always says you are a step behind. Close! but not there yet. However I believe you already are. You ARE GOOD, PRETTY and SMART. Plain good, plain pretty and plain smart. Because you are. :) I totally believe in you and your abilities. So go for the full bank and aim to BE something NOT enough of something. You deserve the full bank, and, honestly, you are already there. Even if you still have some work to do to become something, that is already within you. You may not be aware of it, but believe me, if you really want it, you already have it.

How do you deal with feeling enough of something? Maybe you even haven’t used this phrase ever? :O Share your experience in the comments! :)

                            With love,


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5 years ago

What a beautiful post! You are so right about how we need to remove the word “enough” and just know that we are! It made me think about how often I use the word “enough” and how rephrasing my sentences could make such a big impact.

5 years ago

This was such an interesting way to look at these phrases, and has honestly made me look differently when it comes to using the term enough! x

Han | lifewithhan.blog

7 years ago

I believe that everyone is worthy as they are and I love the message behind this post. :) Btw your blog is kickass too! I can’t believe I’m only reading it now!

Mara Calli
Mara Calli
7 years ago

Thank you, I really needed to hear this. Sometimes it can be really difficult to accept that we are good exactly as we are, and this post concentrates this message in such a lovely way!


7 years ago

Such a lovely post! I think that we use enough to hide behind it. I totally agree that we should get read of it. It’s simply unnecessary. xo

Antonia || Sweet Passions

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