Hello my awesome readers! :) How are you? How’s life? Feeling content? Hope you are!! :) As you know, eco-Thursdays is abit  challenging for me, I made a lil confession in the previous post. I want to be more eco-zero-wast-y and in some way I do achieve it but in the big picture I feel as big of a trasher as the next person.

But let’s talk zero waste, what difficulties I have encountered and what’s the point even bother. ;)

My personal next step to eco-friendly lifestyle is learning how to cut back on the excess packaging. Firstly, on food. I think that is the most useless use of plastic because we buy those yoghurts or sausages or whatever in the containers but when we purchase the product, we don’t even think of the packaging. I mean, we want to buy the yoghurt, not the container. We don’t go in the shop looking for yoghurt containers, right? :D So we use that packaging we didn’t even want and then THROW it out after using it for a half an hour or less? :O I don’t know how about you, but when I think about it this way, it feels absurd. But now the dilemma – I want the yoghurt, I don’t want the packaging, WHAT TO DO? I wish I had an answer, to be honest. :/ Because you cannot purchase a lot of products without packaging. This brings me to the next point.

Even though people say living zero waste is not that hard, just have to get used to it etc, I do believe them :) but I also wanna say that it asks for a major life change. That means never purchasing yoghurt again (ok, only if you can find a place that sells yoghurts in a bulk). That means never buying pasta in a supermarket. To be honest, supermarkets is almost a no-no to zero waste people because supermarkets are filled with packaged goodies. I am not saying living zero waste is hard (You know, I don’t know yet how it is!!) but at first it totally asks for a transition period which might not be that easy, for example, finding where to buy that pasta in a bulk. Or yoghurt. Let’s not even start on the household.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t care about the environment and nature, and excess packaging so I can buy things in nice plastic packages with clean conscious. :D But I can’t. I care and I wish more people cared. However, it makes me very happy that trash is for tossers have 12K followers on twitter and 94K followers on Instagram. Now that I think about it, it is not that much compared the World population ;) but that’s a start anyway. :) And she is not the only one zero waste promoter in the World. :D I know there are families that go zero waste etc.

Looks like in this post I am just sharing my concerns and doubts about zero-waste lifestyle. I think it is good. Making it real. I am not perfect. I am also lazy and been trashing for 26 years already. Sometimes I think what’s the point of going zero waste if everyone else keeps buying plastic and then throwing it out, but I have to keep in mind that it all starts with one person. Maybe I can affect people who are close to me in real life or You by writing this blog and that way the web of trash conscious people grows.

We are just so used to this modern life, which is cool, but maybe it is time to change and think about the Planet we are living on as well. Let’s be honest, we don’t own this Planet, the Planet owns us. And it is stupid to think that human is on the highest step in the natural hierarchy. Even though we can think and make things, and invent, nature can always trump us. Easy example, we can invent what we want, but cannot affect weather (ok, I hear there are some machines that CAN push away clouds :O I know. But still that cannot be a permanent solution, those clouds need to come down anyway). We are dependent on the weather man and THAT is nature.

Another thing to think about, all the products you see around yourself, their origin is from nature. Yup, everything. Is it oil origin like plastic, is it wood, is it glass. Everything. We just take, take, take and use. Ok, sometimes we plant some trees, which is cool. But the point is, nature sustains our modern lifestyle but our modern lifestyle does not sustain nature. I think it is important to make the cycle of life a closed round cycle not a linear one.

Ok, let’s leave it there and let’s keep going towards that trash-free nature-friendly lifestyle. :) Even if it is slow, better slow than not at all. I’ve learned not to push and accept that changes not always comes fast. For some people it might but for me it can be more of a slow process. And that’s ok! :) By the way, wrote more about doing things slowly in this post, if interested. :)

Have an awesome day and see you in the next post! :)

Are you a fellow nature-friendly lifestyle lover but still living the trash-y lifestyle? What are your concerns about zero-waste lifestyle or maybe you have an association what it looks like even if it is not necessary true? :) F.e. zero-waste people usually live in a tree house in the middle of woods. You get what I mean. ;)

                                With love,


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7 years ago

This is really good! It is so upsetting going to the supermarkets and having to buy stuff with a huge amount of packaging when all you want is the end product! I guess I just try to buy stuff with packaging that can be recycled which I like to think helps! I totally agree that one person can make a difference as well, the economy works on supply and demand and any person contributing to the reduction of waste will cause a response in the production of packaging! Great post :) xx

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