About Lookforsmile

Lookforsmile.com is a blog that’s looking for solutions on how to reduce waste, shop sustainably, and treat your body with the best from nature. Making home, researching ideas, and challenging systems. With kindness and a gentle heart let’s look at our options and try to choose what aligns best with our values!

Topics we explore but are not limited to:

  • Environmentally-, nature- and body-friendly everyday choices
  • Sustainability and environmental issues – deep dive into what’s going on
  • Zero waste and low waste lifestyle ideas, tips, and hacks
  • DIY homemade cleaning and cosmetic products
  • Experience stories and how-tos
  • Thoughts about life – mindfulness, kindness, self-growth

What will you gain?

A realistic approach to sustainable living, informational articles with references you can check yourself, and kind encouragement that you got this!

We are in this together

When it comes to changing habits and lifestyle it is best to not strive for perfection, but to aim for action. Sometimes to follow your heart and values means going upstream, which will make you stick out from the crowd. It’s uncomfortable, but in the long run – so, so satisfying. So, let’s together make our lives a bit more odd, shocking, and mindful!

Who is behind Lookforsmile?

Hey there! It is me – Madara! :)

At the moment I am wearing all the hats – I am the creative director, writer, researcher, designer, photographer, marketer, and accountant of Lookforsmile.com. If you are interested in working together, feel free to contact me: madara.rozen [at] gmail [dot] com

Madara’s sustainability views

I don’t assign myself to any labels like zero-waster or environmentalist (at least for now!). However, I am definitely worried about the trash culture we are in (just throw it out and buy a new one!) and the way the human race treats nature and natural resources as if they are easily replaceable. 

On the flip side of the worries, I get very excited about sustainable solutions, good recycled-material projects, high-quality products that are made to last, and the achievements of environmental activists and laws that support sustainability.

The main topic in the sustainability field I always gravitate towards is the trash. How we use things and how they from beloved items become something we don’t want to touch anymore. Also, how packaging ends up everywhere – from streets to oceans, to landfills. How it makes no sense to me to create such sturdy materials for single use.

That said, I see how we all cannot be excited about wrapping gifts in old newspapers (or not wrapping at all!) or the minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic. There are people who like a bold statement (from time to time – me included!) and that’s also fine because that makes life more colorful. I think it is the truth of the 21st century – you want to do good for the environment but you also don’t want to sacrifice your personality.

However, I do believe there are some things we can do to live more sustainably even with a desire for an extravaganza. From thrifting and making yourself to buying quality pieces, to some swaps that don’t change much for you but change something for the environment.

I also think there is much work to do in company regulations and laws to enforce practices that support the environment not disrupt it. All responsibility to “save the Planet” cannot be put on the middle class’s consumer shoulders. However, it doesn’t mean to give up your everyday efforts. It is undeniable that if we all act as one, people can make a difference even with small actions.

Getting personal – more about the author

So, that’s my sustainability point of view. Are you ready to learn more personal facts about me? Keep reading!

  • I hold a bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences with a specialization in Biology. 
  • I have worked in digital marketing for over 7 years and have taken up roles as a marketing specialist, webpage administrator, copywriter, content creator, and content manager. 
  • I am a tap dancer and teacher at a tap dance company “SoulTap”.
  • I am Latvian and I live in Riga, Latvia. That’s in Europe. ;)
  • I choose mountains, over the ocean or sea.
  • I have high levels of patience.
  • I enjoy small handicrafts and gladly stay away from big DIY projects like remaking cabinets and building things (even though I find it very, very cool!).
  • I am mindful, empathetic, and a deep thinker.
  • I enjoy writing. It’s my medium of choice. I can write it out much easier than say it out. But it’s also a question of practice!
  • I like vintage. From items to interiors and fashion. It’s fascinating!
  • I love learning stories about people and different lifestyles, cultures, religions, and places.
  • Last but not least, I have a high interest in psychology and the way the human mind works. It is still an option that one day I will study this topic at a fancy University. :)

A little bit of Lookforsmile history

Lookforsmile was established in 2014 after a summer of reading fashion blogs. Hence the blog name – it was meant to mean a look (fashion look, outfit) for a smile (something that makes you happy, you love to wear). But it turned out that I am not a good or passionate fashionista. :D So, Lookforsmile followed my interests and became a lifestyle and self-development blog. A little bit later I added a segment “Eco-Thursdays” which meant that every Thursday I posted an article about eco-topics.

And now after a longer pause, Lookforsmile is morphing again and stepping mostly into the sustainability niche. To honor this transformation, let’s shift the meaning of the blog name and define it as a look (a view) for a smile (something that makes you content). It means when you look around, you see beautiful, healthy nature, clean streets, high-quality items, and kindness. A world you want to live in, a world that inspires you.

What’s next?

Wow, thank you so much for reading the About section and getting to know me (Madara) and Lookforsmile.com better! Now it’s your turn! :) Feel free to leave a comment and tell us where are you from and what would you choose: mountains or ocean?

Keep reading, here are 2 of Madara’s favorite articles so far:

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