About Lookforsmile

Lookforsmile is a lifestyle blog/website centered around two main topics:

  1. Personal development and life improvement to become more kind and loving human towards yourself and others.
  2. Environmentally and body friendly life choices including zero waste (low waste) and natural (sometimes homemade) products and habits in all areas of life.

These topics are explored through various types of blog posts: some are dense with photos, some have more reading (and thought) material, some are DIY projects and some are “How to” posts.

As this is a lifestyle blog, sometimes there pops in some bits and pieces, and highlights of my personal life as well. ;)

What will you gain?

Lookforsmile readers are getting all the positivity, kindness and “you got this” encouragement alongside tips and ideas you can find in the blog posts. This is definitely a #goodvibestribe that accepts everyone who is ready to do some work to become more true to themselves and others. :)

A Little bit of history and development of Lookforsmile blog

Lookforsmile was established in 2014 after a summer of reading fashion blogs. Hence the blog name – it was meant to mean a look (fashion look, outfit) for smile (something that makes you happy, you love to wear). But as it turns out, I am not a good fashionista (even though I still gosh about cute dresses and amazing shoes) but I am good at analyzing and going deep to find out “What the heck is going on and why?”.

Environmentally friendly thinking came a bit later and is a topic that is very close to my heart. When you start to work on your self-development and towards more harmonious lifestyle, you become more aware of the World around you and it makes you more caring about the truth what is really going (including economics, socials issues, politics, and environment).

At the moment, Lookforsmile is one person operated blog, that runs purely on passion, high hopes for the future and personal investments (tbh, hopefully, more investment types in the future ;)).

Who is behind Lookforsmile?

Hey there! It is me – Madara! :)

Lookforsmile - about

I am kind-hearted, positivity oriented and deep thinker. Sometimes I like weird and geeky jokes. I also identify with being HSP (highly sensitive person) and adventurous, free and peaceful fairy spirit.

My background is highly diverse – I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a very unfinished Master’s degree in Education Science. When I graduated high school I wanted to be a dance teacher or theater producer, but currently I work in marketing. I would describe myself as creative (but not too much, very dependant on that inspiration muse) and also systemically logical.

You can group my hobbies into two sets: physical activities (indoors and outdoors) and creative work. Some overlap.

I currently live in Latvia (and am Latvian) so if you were wondering why my English is sometimes weird or what are those places in some photos, here is your answer! :)

GUYS! Thanks so much for reading and getting to know Lookforsmile and me better! I would love, love, love to get to know you all better too so don’t be shy and leave me a comment (I answer every single one!) or connect on Social Media: 

  • Instagram stories (lookforsmile_) have all behind the scenes and everyday life bits;
  • Instagram posts  (lookforsmile_) have cheerful photos (I try) and thoughtful captions (usually);
  • Facebook (Lookforsmile) has information about new blog posts and more;
  • Twitter  (lookforsmile_) is the place where I connect with my blogger buddies (so +/- blogger related content).

Till next time!

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