Is Social Media good or bad for you? Question of the 21st century. ;)

Maybe good or bad is a bit too harsh. As with everything in life  – balance is a key and Social media is no exception. Today I want to shine a light on the good aspects of Social media and start a conversation why we should stop blaming the digital World for all that is ‘wrong’ with society and start working on our inner struggles to make this World a better place.

5 facts why Social Media is good for you

1. Expand your horizons easily

Realize how big your World is BECAUSE of Social Media.

It is amazing.

I personally follow people from USA, Australia, UK, Croatia, Spain, Lithuania, Canada, Israel  (I’m from Latvia if you didn’t know) … and the list goes on. It is a chance for you to passively interact with people from different cultures, different backgrounds, and life experiences.

You are also exposed to so many interesting views of life. Think about it. Even 20 years ago the main communication was with people from your own country, city or neighborhood. What kind of perspective can it give?

Now you can see private lives of people from all over the World – and the best part, they are sharing it all willingly! The World has shrunk –  having a friend overseas is not a big a deal anymore. Because of the internet and Social Media, the World is more united than ever. At least I feel like that is the direction we are going to.

2. Learn from personal experiences from people you admire

The insight you can get into people’s personal experiences is mind-blowing.

I feel like people lately are very keen on sharing their personal stories. In a good way.  A lot of every day people break it down and share how they felt and what they did when they just had started out. When they were not popular or successful in the modern sense (on the top of my mind is @LisaBilyeu – amazing, strong woman who definitely uses SM as a force for good).

And you have the opportunity to hear those stories and learn from them.

3. Connect with strangers on a human level and learn about different lifestyles and cultures

You can hear stories personally from all around the World and interact. You can “visit” someone else’s home. You can see how local people in Japan live (something you wouldn’t be able to experience as a tourist). You can support someone who is going through a tough time and connect with a person on a human level.

Even though we are not friends with everyone, with social media we are more friends than before. We share a lot (some say too much), but maybe that is not a bad thing, maybe it brings us more together and we can bond over our similarities, not hate over our differences.

My personal faves what I’ve learned from SM about diferent countries, cultures

I am very excited to learn about different cultures and the regular, everyday things people experience. For example, recently (through SM) I learned a bit more about Ramadan and fasting from a person who has been brought up with it and has a very authentic view.

A little different aspect, a few months ago I learned that in the USA there are commercials on TV for prescription drugs (here in Latvia medicament advertisements are widely restricted) and heard stories how exactly friendly Americans are. For example, a girl just passing by compliments on a person’s hair. Living here in Latvia, it is hard even to imagine that people can be so chill and outgoing. Not that Latvian are not nice ;) but more reserved for sure!

These are some random things that are not in tourist guides or school books. The authenticity of these stories makes them more real and relatable.

4. You can surround yourself with people that will help you grow

You know how important it is to hang out with people that will inspire you and bring you up.

In real life, it is sometimes hard to do, if people you HAVE TO hang out with have a bad attitude, for example, parents, schoolmates or work colleagues. In a way, you are forced to spend time with them, especially if that is family.

With the help of Social Media, you can surround yourself with the right crowd! Of course, it is virtual at first, but it is definitely a good step in the right direction. You can take advice from people who have already achieved what you want, you can be inspired by their daily life and sometimes even find similarly minded people in the comments section.

You don’t have to follow people who make you feel bad about yourself.

If that is someone you know in real life and you are scared to unfollow them because it might ruin your relationship, first of all, think about the fact do you really want to be friends with someone who doesn’t inspire you or makes you feel bad, but secondly, just make another personal profile just for you, where you can follow a you want! Make that your inspirational IG profile where you can go and sink in all the good vibes.

*5. You have access to your dream life

You can access people who have the lifestyle and the characteristics you want. You have the access!

If you have the access, you definitely CAN DO IT TOO. Do you know what I mean? You are already there! You just have to make that final step and… change something in yourself, your daily routine or in your attitude. Aah and work. And most likely work really hard for what you want. But first things first, you need to believe that you ARE ACTUALLY THERE.

I had this realization just recently, that ‘the access to my dream life’ really means that the dream is so much closer than I think it is. It is right at your fingertips and now is your turn to believe in yourself and GRAB IT!


I am very thankful I have access to these awesome people that inspire me, show me the World and help me grow and become better version of myself. And that wouldn’t be possible if there would not be Social Media in the World. I am thankful everyday for the opportunities and ideas these platforms bring into my life.

That said, yes, there is a dark side to SM as well. SM is a tool, not a hobby (here’s a post on How to use SM as a tool not a hobby). You use it to achieve your dream, to learn, to connect with the World and like minded people. You don’t use it to kill time or relax. Even though it is entertaining (I support that, why not?) always ask yourself – does this content brings value into my life? It is the question that helps you decide in the end is Social Media good or bad for you.

Disclaimer. I am not perfect at using Social media as a tool. I get addicted too. I get entertained too, and I have found myself scrolling and hitting that heart symbol for no reason, just a reflex. That’s no good, I know. But hey I am a human being that is still learning as well.

If you made it here till the end, woo hooo! Sending the praying hands emoji your way and being thankful you spent the time to read my opinion. You rock, see you in the next post! :)

How does SM bring value to your life? What are the things you are thankful for in Social media? Would love to know your take on this! :)

With love,


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Katrina || KS Loves
Katrina || KS Loves
5 years ago

I love this! So so true and a lot of times we forget all of the ADVANTAGES of social media! I have made so many good connections and it’s a great sense of community

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