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Ok, I might have exaggerated with the title a little bit. ;) But the truth is, this qoute helped me find peace with the change that is going on in my life. This sounds so dramatic, gosh. In reality only little things are changing, but I feel like they have impacted my life more than I would like to admit. So, this quote comes in handy! Because I tend to be too nostalgic, too overthinking the future. I have found myself being sad in a happy moment, because I know it will end soon. But that’s like really stupid. :D Enjoy it while it lasts! With this I am trying to say, that I always somehow tend to feel like no good moments will come in the future. I didn’t realize it just until now that, that is the reason why I cling on happy things in a bittersweet manner in hopes those moments will never end and treat the endings as the end of a World.

So, enter my new motto – Every ending is a new beginning. And that is so true! So let’s raise our glasses to this moment when we acknowledge the fact that the future most definately will bring new happiness-es.

Couldn’t think of a proper question :D so, I invite you to write a “clink-clink” (champagne glasses clinking together if you didn’t catch that ;)) in the comments below  if raised your glass with me  in the last paragraph. :)

                        With love,


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6 years ago

I love quotes like this! My favourite is ‘happiness is a choice’ :)

Corinne x