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Riga spring rogaining 2017 - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Hello, awesome readers! :) Let’s take a break from the ‘heavy’ life tip posts and this Monday (or Tuesday if I don’t manage to upload this post on time) have a look at my recent adventures in a city rogaining competition that took place this Sunday (26.03.2017). This particular competition is Riga rogaining which occurs every Spring and Autumn. What is rogaining I explained in last year’s rogaining post, so you can read it here. :) Basically, I think this will be more of a photo-story than a reading-story but hope you will enjoy it and this gives you a nudge to have some sport-y adventures yourself. :)

Ok, before we dig in, I have to tell you that Riga Rogaining is a very lighter version of the REAL rogaining (learned this the hard way when participated in a real rogaining competition and made a fool out of myself :D but that’s ok, adventure was fine anyway :D). And I am also not a pro-sportist. But I still enjoy theses competitions. :)

Aaaand my rogaining teammate is Zane. I love participating with her in this kind of adventures. :) I think we work together quite well and make a good team. :)

NOW we can start the photo-story. :)

Riga Spring rogaining before start - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Let’s start off with an awful looking selfie. :D Waiting for my friend to pick me up and thought it would be cool to show the peace sign. Oh well, forgive me, it was yet early. :D

Rīgas pavasara rogainings plānošana - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Planning our route. First time using cork board and pins for easier planning. :) Recommend this.

rogaining planning - blog - Lookforsmile.com

If you look closely, you can see our planning string. It was so great! We finally had a real plan and knowledge what we are doing.

Rīgas pavasara rogainings 2017 - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Because we were 3 min late to the start, we had a free gateway and individual photo of our start. Not bad! :)

Riga rogaining start - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Few minutes on the route, obligatory start selfie. :)

Riga Sarkandaugava - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Surprises in the city. :O Brownie points, if you can spot the checkpoint in the picture. ;)

Riga rogaining - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Made a little detour by going right a little bit too early. But that’s ok, what is rogaining without brushwoods? :D

Andrejsala Rīga rogainings - blog - Lookforsmile.com

The weather looks grim but it was actually really good for rogaining. :) This is Andrejsala near Daugava.

Andrejsala rogaining - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Still Andrejsala. In photo cruise ship Tallink that goes from Riga to Stockholm back and forth, back and forth.

Riga spring rogaining - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Checkpoint and my crazy baby hair. :D

Rīgas rogaininga piedzīvojumi - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Our very own rogaining adventure! :) We were taking a shortcut through a cemetery (in a respectful way of course, no running) but they put unbelievably big fences around the cemetery and there were no exits where we had to get out. Fortunately, there was a big hole under the fence and we just crawled our way out. And were right in front of the checkpoint. SCORE!

Rīgas pavasara rogainings piedzīvojumi - blog - Lookforsmile.com

This is the hole again. ;)

Riga rogaining - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Another shortcut gone wrong. :D But, hey, that’s rogaining.

Riga spring rogaining finish - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Aaaand finish already! :)

Riga spring rogaining finish - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Showing off our medals. :)

Riga spring rogaining finish - blog - Lookforsmile.com

All tucked in and warm ready to go home. Unfortunately we missed the awards ceremony :/ but it was not mentioned in the schedule so we guessed the time and guessed wrong. :D

I’ll be honest with you, I feel like I don’t look good in most of these pictures :D but oh well, they tell the story, so they have to go up. :)

And my body still hurts from Sunday (it is Tuesday). :D But we did push ourselves and went ALL IN. That’s why it was so fun. Pushing the limits and reaching our goal. I am not a goal achieving person usually (sad face) but working on it :) and maybe these sports competitions will help me grow personally as well. :)

Hope you enjoyed this little photo story of rogaining adventures and see you in the next blogpost! :)

What is your favourite outdoors activity? :)

                          With love,


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This seems like so much fun. It looks very adventures. Every activity where I can be in the nature is my kind of activity. xo

Antonia || Sweet Passions