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Hello, hello! :) How are you today? Feeling goooood? I hope you are. :) This time, let’s talk about taking it slow. People are different and sometimes it is not just OK but even better to take your time to achieve your goal. Read further to understand the meaning behind that! :)

You know that feeling when you are looking back and thinking: “Wish I started doing that earlier.. I would have achieved so much by now if I started last year when I first thought of it! Why didn’t I? Why? Why?” Well, I’ve had these thoughts and mostly I’ve been feeling really bad and kind of like failure for not acting right away on my ideas or dreams. But lately I am trying to practice more self-love and I started thinking – maybe it’s OK that I didn’t start right away. So, this post goes to those who have felt like me before and just wanna find that inner peace with your past actions or not actions.

So, you had that idea what you want to do, for example, start a blog. First, you are all excited because you have the feeling that you have found what you really wanna do. You research blog stuff and tell your friends that you are starting a blog. But somehow, you cannot make yourself to register for a website. Of course, you don’t have a site name, then you need to choose the theme etc. And somehow the idea of having a blog settles and it just becomes a “one day I will … ” so you let it lay and keep doing your everyday things. Then after a year the blog idea surfaces again and you think to yourself: “Damn, if I had started my blog last year when I first had the idea, I would have posts, pageviews or even an online business by now!”. And you get all worked up again, maybe this time register for a site, brainstorm post ideas etc. but after a time AGAIN the enthusiasm dies out and you dive into your everyday stuff and forget about the blog. And the cycle goes on.

My idea is – we need to take time to be ready to do some things in our life. And the time we need differs for different persons. Some might think of a blog idea, register for a site right away and start posting the next day! Two reasons – that was the RIGHT time for that person to start the blog (he was emotionally/mentally ready) or he processes ideas faster. You know, those are the persons who are always ready for impromptu trips or activities. Yeah, that’s not me. :D And if you are reading this, most likely this is not you either. So let’s get back to our situation. :)

There is nothing wrong with taking more time to be ready. These are just different life approaches. Maybe, you have that great idea, but you don’t yet have the necessary skills to execute it. As with the blog example, you might learn during that first gap year how to express your thoughts better and with this ‘new’ skill you are a step closer to starting a blog. Do you know what I mean? And so on. While living, we accumulate a lot of ‘silent’ skills, the ones you don’t write in you resume, but the ones that help you to do your job or just live a better life.

Also, you might need time to accept the blog idea emotionally, get used to it. Maybe sounds silly, but some people need to process ideas more deeply and for a longer time than others. And that’s OK too! I think, if the idea circles back to you year after year, sooner or later, you will act on it. So, don’t judge yourself for taking it slow, that’s just your process.

For that line: “Damn, if I had started my blog last year when I first had the idea, I would have posts, pageviews or even an online business by now!” You don’t know. You just don’t! You might have some posts or pageviews, but maybe you ditched the blog after a month because it was ‘too hard’ because you weren’t ready! DO NOT LIVE the IF and BUTs life. Never gets you anything good. I would know.

There’s just one another thing.. Don’t procrastinate. This waiting year after year thing might sound as procrastination and maybe it even is but if you get the feeling that you want to register for that website RIGHT NOW, do it! Do it right now! Don’t let your negative thoughts, like – yeah, but I wanted it last year as well and it didn’t workout.. – or similar thoughts to bother you. You weren’t ready before, you are now! And maybe you are ready now ‘just’ to register for a website, that’s OK too! Register and be that one step closer to your dream.

P.S. That blog example :D sounds like it is my audiobiography which it is not. At least not all of it. ;)

Be intuitive – keep your eyes and heart open – and you will know what to do and when. And don’t go into comparison – even though our society is built on comparing everything, that’s never productive, especially if you do things differently and not like everyone else, f.e. slower.

Are you too taking your time with life or are you always ready and jump right into it? :)

                              With love,


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7 years ago

Love this post! Some of us do just need to do things in our own time,however I sometimes procrastinate and then regret not doing things sooner we just need to find a balance.

Check out my blog :thatcarlagirl.blogspot.com

7 years ago

Lovely post. I think I’m a little in between but mostly I take my time and think things through before jumping to it.

Thanks for sharing.

Sabah || http://www.womanishaffairs.org

7 years ago

The if and but life is super unhealthy for sure. You just don’t know as you said so you need to be happy with what you said. This was a really interesting read! Thanks for sharing!

7 years ago

Such a beautiful post! I totally agree that sometimes it’s okay to take it slowly. I’m one of those people who are in between. For some things I like to take it slow and really think about them and for others I’m immediately up for. Procrastination is definitely something I decided to work on this year. I find that I can easily get in that zone and I really don’t like it. xo

Antonia || Sweet Passions

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