Hello my awesome lovely readers! :) How are you today? Excited for making your own toothpaste? I hope so! :)

So, firstly, of course, I didn’t make up the recipe on my own, I combined two. One is from Trash is for tossers and the second is from a Latvian cosmetics raw material shop BBfactory, but they unfortunately don’t have their content translated in English.

Secondly, I wanted to speak about toothpastes overall for a moment there. I think as with a lot of things nowdays, toothpastes are very commercialized products. Not that we don’t need to clean our teeth, but do we have to do it with bright blue paste that has some weird sprinkles in? Ok, I know, not all toothpastes are like that, there are some more basic, plain white ones too, but it is not just about the looks. Few years ago there was this scandal about using fluoride in toothpaste and how it actually damages teeth when used too much and that it actually can lower your intellect. Is it 100% true, who knows, but the cat is out of the bag and I started to question the ingredients in my toothpaste.

 The media has made us believe that without that peperminty paste your teeth will rot. But the truth is, there are options! We are just so used to the commercialized toothpastes that alternatives don’t come into mind. For a while I bought eco-type toothpastes – one form Hymalaya brand and other from Biomed. I did like them. :) But I still got that excess packaging I couldn’t use for anything else and it bothered me. So after some time I got really curious about making my own toothpaste and putting it in a nice, reusable glass container. The first time, of course, was just an experiment, for fun! to see how it tastes and do I like it. Turns out, I liked it very much. EVEN my boyfriend liked it and he IS NOT fond of weird things like homemade toohtpastes (well, he is now :D).

I also wanna add (as always I want to add something :D ) that I am not writing this post to try and convince you that your toothpaste is the worst thing ever, IT IS NOT. I am here to give you options and my perspective on things. :)

By the way, you can find online a lot of recipes for homemade toothpastes. A LOT. But I think the beauty of homemade stuff is that you can experiment yourself and find the best solution for you. As with this recipe, if some of the ingredients doesn’t feel right or you want to add something else, just do it! :) I am SURE it will turn out GREAT! And if you modify, please, let me know, so I can try that too. :)

Oh and another note. Homemade toothpastes WON’T have that strong peperminty modern toothpaste taste. If you use essential oils, they add a little bit of toothpast-y taste, but not much. After a while you will get used to it.

Ready for the recipe already? :D Here it comes!


White (or kaolin) clay 2 table spoons

Calcium carbonate 2 tea spoons

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate 2 tea spoons

Glycerin 2 table spoon and 1 tea spoon (optional, read below why!)

Coconut oil (solid) 2 table spoons

Essential oils of your choice (mine were peppermint, thieves and clove) 15 drops but depends on how saturated your essential oils are.

(P.S. I have linked all the ingredients, except baking soda, down below)

I guess you are now really confused and disappointed. I mean ingredients you don’t know where to get and cleaning (can it be called even cleaning?) your teeth with clay (which is practically dirt (ok, not really ;) )), are you crazy lady? But don’t worry, the nice person I am :) I’ll try to explain it to you as good as I can. Hahaa I’m speaking in rhymes, how fun is that? :D (say out loud the last 2 (actually, make it 3 :D ) sentences, with an expression!! ;) “But don’t worry, the…”).

Let’s start with the white clay. It binds with toxins and provides minerals for your teeth and it also has whitening properties. Who knew? :O I know you kind find kaolin clay on Amazon (link below) or there should be some shops that provide raw ingredients for beauty products in your area as well. Just google it. :)

Calcium carbonate – this is one of the ingredients that you cannot find in a food shop or pharmacy. Unfortunately. But you can buy it on Amazon or I am sure you can find it in previously mentioned raw ingredients’ shop, the powder should be there. Calcium carbonate provides the calcium to teeth externally, that’s why it is in the toothpaste. But to be honest, I think this recipe can be modified and you can do it without Calcium carbonate if cannot find it or don’t wanna wait till amazon ships it. ;)

Baking soda – whitens teeth, fights bad breath and keeps your gums healthy. I think the most important task of baking soda is the teeth whitening.

Glycerin – o oh, turns out glycerin might not be that good for your teeth in the end. :/  (I guess I should have done my research before I made the paste. Twice. :D But thank God for this post and the fact that I wanted to do a research on the products.) So, in some articles it says that glycerin coats your teeth with a thin film that don’t let your teeth absorb minerals and other good stuff from the toothpaste. However, in this recipe I use plant glycerin which I THINK is a bit different from the one made from animals or petroleum. Nevertheless I am sure that when I will make the next batch of my toothpaste, I won’t use glycerin anymore. :/ But I will use the paste I made till the end because glycerin is added to commercial toothpastes anyway soo now I have a healthier but ‘not there yet’ toothpaste. And the only function of glycerin is to make the paste past-y, so you can totally avoid this ingredient.

Coconut oil – back to the good stuff. :) Coconut oil is the new ‘super drug’ in beauty and health care, don’t you think? Good for hair, skin, when consumed internally and applied externally. Do you know a beauty product that cannot be replaced by simple coconut oil? Me neither. :D Coconut oil is antibacterial and whitens teeth in a non-harmful way (all done by lauric acid in coconut oil, which btw is NOT actually acid but a fatty acid). And it also gives your paste a solid feel. Where to buy it – I know in Riga it can be found in supermarkets in the Chinese food ingredient section but you can purchase it also on Amazon or anywhere else you know you can in your town. :)

Essential oils – You can totally skip this step, but I like to give a nice peperminty taste to the toothpaste. :) The other two essential oils I used (thieves and clove) I find are also beneficial for teeth health. Cloves are used to relief teeth pain and thieves is already an oil blend containing cloves, eykaliptus and other. Anyway, you can choose what oils to put in if any. :) Where to find them – that’s a question. :/ I advise you to google search in your local language and I will link a place where I got the exact ones I used and some amazon choices.

Disclaimer. I didn’t provide you with resources I used for my research because they were just google searches that you can do yourself using the same keywords. As always, do your own research before trying something new! :)

The making process is fairly easy

Mix the dry ingredients, melt your coconut oil and then mix everything together. Ta-daaa! Toothpaste ready! :)

I also have pictures from the last time I made the toothpaste, so I will add them here. :)

ingredients for homemade toothpaste - blog - Lookforsmile.com
Ingredients I used
healthy toothpaste dry ingredients - blog - Lookforsmile.com
Dry ingredients
DIY toothpaste ingredients - blog - Lookforsmile.com
Dry and wet ingredients combined
homemade toothpaste recipe - blog - Lookforsmile.com
The end result before transfering to the glass container

Where to buy ingredients online

I haven’t used any of the particular products I have listed here, but I tried to find the best ones. I really hope they are!!

(all links open in a new window)

Kaolin clay (a very big package, but you can use it for facemasks as well :) )

Calcium carbonate

Coconut oil

Glycerine (this is quite a big size for toothpaste but they I guess Amazon sells things in bulk not in small dosages)

Essential oils I used

Essential oils from Amazon




(Provided links ARE NOT affiliated, however I don’t rule out the option that in future they might be)

For my lovely Latvian readers – I got all ‘weird’ ingredients in (they have an online shop as well). They have coconut oil too but I the one I used I bought  in Rimi for 6,99EUR if not mistaken.


1. Be sure to use a kaolin clay that is in a fine powder. You don’t want your toothpaste to be too abrasive.

2. Remember that coconut oil will harden and make the ‘paste’ quite solid especially if you don’t use glycerin. I don’t have a solution for that yet (wow, how good of an advice blogger I am :D ) but I myself next time might try to add some water to the mix to make it more past-y or pappy. If that water thing doesn’t work, don’t be too mad at me, ok? :)

Thank you so much for reading, I hope I inspired yo to make at least one batch of homemade toothpaste yourself (is it from my recipe or others, doesn’t matter :) ) and let me know how it turned out!

Is there something you make at home rather than purchasing? Or maybe there is something you wanna try to make? Share in the comments! :)

                           With love,


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7 years ago

This is amazing. I heard about homemade toothpaste but never actually learned how to make it. Definitely going to try and make it. Thank you for sharing! xo

Antonia || Sweet Passions

7 years ago

Whoa, honestly the first time I’m reading about homemade toothpaste. Interesting.


7 years ago

Lol I love blue toothpaste ;) What a neat idea though! I love how much thought and care you put into this post. A definite read for those looking to make their own toothpaste! ? Maybe I’ll have to give it a try one day! :)
x Andrea

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