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About the pics.. By default I am not a nature photographer BUT when you see a frost like that.. How can you not take pictures of it? Maybe I need to become a nature photographer..? Share your thoughts in the comments. ;)

Hello and welcome in 2016! :) Wish you all a happy and fulfilled year! Be kind not only to others but to yourself too. Cheers to an awesome year!

beautiful plant in snow, sunny winter day - blog -

branches, twigs in snow, winter, nature - blog -

So, the blank page I talked about in this post is here. I do feel more fresh, more committed, more motivated to change. I am always so eager about the change. :D Guess, I am never completely satisfied with this moment, with myself, with my achievments. Well, it is not that bad as it sounds, I just always want to improve everything. Improve myself, my daily life, my work, this blog … etc. However it is so easy to slip into your old habits, isn’t it? So, I though I would share some tips how to keep your New Year’s resolutions going. :)

Dogrose in snow, winter, nature - blog -

Dogrose fruit in snow, winter, nature - blog -

1. Make lists short. I think the first mistake we dive in to, is to make the longest resolution lists ever, because we want it all, don’t we? This year I divided my list in 4 sections – personal, professional, education, this year’s motto. And then in every section I added not more than 3 points. The truth is, the less points you have, the more the chance you will achieve those goals, expecially if they are big and time and energy consuming. Keep it real if you are serious about your goals!

green leaf with snow and blue sky, winter - blog -

2. Make reminders of your goals everywhere. Put your New Year’s resolution list on the desk you work at, put it in your pocket or planner etc. Re-read the list everyday to remind yourself why are you doing this. Your goals should inspire you!

Rusty screw in snow and lichen, winter, nature - blog -

3. Make a plan. From only re-reading your goals you will achieve nothing. Be serious about your goals and make serious, step-by-step plan how to achieve your New Year’s resolutions. Don’t know where to start? Put your first step as “research the topic” or “read some literature about the topic”, or something similar. You get the idea. Also, don’t be afraid to don’t plan very far ahead. Start basic, after a while, when you will know more, add the next steps. Don’t stress that you haven’t planned ALL the year, you don’t need to! Just be sure to do the first steps and than accordingly make the next ones!

Snow closeup, winter, nature - blog -

snowflakes in close, snow, winter, nature - blog -

So guys, this is how I planned my goals this year. Hope you liked my tips, share yours in the comments! Also, if you want to get some support achieving your goals, don’t be shy and tweet me or send and e-mail! :) I will make sure to write something encouraging back! :)

                                With love,

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