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Abandoned plane, adventures - blog -

Since I still haven’t figured out what the focus of this blog will be, I will stick to what I know. And that is, how I want this space to be – honest.

So, here are some black and white pics from a little adventure I had in the Autumn. Me and my friend, we went looking for an abandoned plane with no reason at all, just for exploring. Or is that a reason enough? To explore, to have a new experience, to see something you haven’t seen before. Also, we love adventures, even the little ones. The rush, the adrenalin, the excitment it generates! It makes me feel alive, happy and confident. Guess, it is my unexplored natural habitat – being outside somewhere I have never been.

Abandoned plane, outdoor adventures - blog -

Black and white photos - blog -

Outdoor adventures, plane - blog -

Abandoned plane - blog -

Abandoned plane, black and white photo - blog -


And some pictures shooted by me :) (down).

Black and white photo - blog -

Black and white photo, plane - blog -

BUT! To have the best adventures, you need the best company, don’t you? You need someone with similar taste and physical state, someone who won’t be whiny, boring or talk to much. And someone you feel comfortable with. At least, that is what I look for in my adventures’ buddy.

Before you find it, you have to look for it. I thought this qoute suits adventures very well because it states the art and importance of looking, enjoying the moment and the path to a goal. And sums up life pretty well. We all want to achieve our goals (aka find them), so to achieve, we have to work for them (aka look for them).

Oh, what ramble! :D well, anyway, hope you enjoyed it and tell me, are you into adventures too? Or do you leave outside exploring to others and stick to relaxing on the beach? :) Do share! :) Also, I would love to know what you think are important qualities for an adventures’ buddy!

                                    With love,


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