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Today I am coming to you with an easy DIY project to keep that New Years inspiration flowing!:)

Soo, in the first picture you see the end result. I will be critical for a minute there, I could have made the words align “straighter” and “more in line” BUT at least now you can see it’s handmade. :D Points for that? BUT I know where I need to invest work next time. :)

There is nothing much to tell about the process, so I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves. :)


Here is the frame I used.

frame home decor - blog -


The tools. :) The coloured pens are Stabilo brand and they have like small marker tips, know what I mean? These are lovely for coloring precise artwork.

colourful pens - blog -


This is the draft. Always make one to avoid big mistakes!

Drawing draft - blog -


And here are my “example papers”. On these I tried out different colours for coloured parts etc.

Drawing drafts - blog -


And few close-ups of the poster. :) I have this on my desk, so when I am working or just hanging out at the desk I can see it and be reminded that time is precious.

Inspirational qoute - blog -

Hand drawn inspirational qoute - blog -

Inspirational qoute DIY - blog -

Inspirational qoute poster - blog -


What is your this year’s no.1 qoute? :) Share in the comments, I’d love to give it a read! :)

                              With love,


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8 years ago

Ooooh this is sooo pretty!!! I would love to try this out as I’m a big fan of handlettering and want to get better at it! So talented missy!!! My favorite quote is actually a scripture is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” I don’t know why but its one quote/scripture that has always stuck with me!

Jasmine :)

8 years ago

This is so inspirational! I think waking up to something like this on my wall everyday would get me right in the mood to go after my goals, wants & my whole wishlist!

My this year quote would have to be “Work Until Your Idols Become Your Rivals” ! I just love that it states work your best until you reach the status you want to be on. Idunno, I love that quote.

Great DIY!


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