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Today I am coming to you with an easy DIY project to keep that New Years inspiration flowing!:)

Soo, in the first picture you see the end result. I will be critical for a minute there, I could have made the words align “straighter” and “more in line” BUT at least now you can see it’s handmade. :D Points for that? BUT I know where I need to invest work next time. :)

There is nothing much to tell about the process, so I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves. :)


Here is the frame I used.

frame home decor - blog -


The tools. :) The coloured pens are Stabilo brand and they have like small marker tips, know what I mean? These are lovely for coloring precise artwork.

colourful pens - blog -


This is the draft. Always make one to avoid big mistakes!

Drawing draft - blog -


And here are my “example papers”. On these I tried out different colours for coloured parts etc.

Drawing drafts - blog -


And few close-ups of the poster. :) I have this on my desk, so when I am working or just hanging out at the desk I can see it and be reminded that time is precious.

Inspirational qoute - blog -

Hand drawn inspirational qoute - blog -

Inspirational qoute DIY - blog -

Inspirational qoute poster - blog -


What is your this year’s no.1 qoute? :) Share in the comments, I’d love to give it a read! :)

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  1. Ooooh this is sooo pretty!!! I would love to try this out as I’m a big fan of handlettering and want to get better at it! So talented missy!!! My favorite quote is actually a scripture is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” I don’t know why but its one quote/scripture that has always stuck with me!

    Jasmine :)

    • Madara Reply

      Thanks, Jasmine! :) Very sweet of you! :) You should make your favourite qoute handwritten and framed too! :) Just to always remember it. ;) If you do it, send me a pic! :)) I’ll be waiting.. ;)

  2. This is so inspirational! I think waking up to something like this on my wall everyday would get me right in the mood to go after my goals, wants & my whole wishlist!

    My this year quote would have to be “Work Until Your Idols Become Your Rivals” ! I just love that it states work your best until you reach the status you want to be on. Idunno, I love that quote.

    Great DIY!


    • Madara Reply

      oh, thank you! This qoute is totally my this year’s moto. I’ve been wasting too much time in the past. :D But I am glad that this qoute can be inspirational for others, for you too! :))

      I like your this year’s qoute as well. I think it is somehow similar? In the meaning in doing and working to achieve what you want. Hope you can say that your idols ARE your rivals in the end of the year! ;) :)) (Also, learned a new word :D had to look up in the dictionary “rivals”. Nice!:) )


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