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Helloooo, my lovely readers! :) How are you today? On February 18th I had my birthday and I almost have a tradition to write a birthday post here on the blog. :) You can see the previous ones here and here. :)

I did speak about does the age matter in my last year’s birthday post, but I feel like that is an actual topic every year. :D At least for me. I know that my age is not “an old one” BUT it does remind me that I AM getting older and THAT gets me thinking – how am I living my life? Am I happy? And THAT leads to comparing myself to others at some point because as I wrote in the About me page, I have made some life choices that are sometimes frowned upon in the adult society and that makes me feel like a failure. (What a happy beginning to a birthday post. :D) And to be honest, I wouldn’t care what the ‘society’ thinks if I was 100% happy with myself even if I made some crazy, unconventional choices that everyone would judge. But the truth is, I am not 100% happy with how I am building my life (or how I have done it in previous years, trying to improve here! :) ). And birthdays are a HUGE reminder for me of that because on birthdays you tend to look back and have a reflection what have you done, what have you achieved, what are your plans for the next years etc.

Ok, that was one depressive first paragraph, ready for something brighter? ;)

This year I am using my age as a motivator. Kind of like – if not NOW then WHEN? And it works for me. Maybe if you are stressed about turning a certain number, this will inspire you too. :) You know, those dreams you have that start with ‘maybe one day’. This can be your ‘one day’! Act on it or it will never come, and you will be 80 and still wondering about that ‘one day’. Even if you cannot achieve your dreams in one day (who can???), you can do things TODAY that will get you closer to it.

Don’t know what your ‘dream’ is? It doesn’t have to be something big and specific, f.e. I want to own a lingerie shop or I want to be a school headmaster. Your dream life is the everyday life you wanna have. One will want a freelancer lifestyle, other will want to work in a prestigue office with nice colleagues; one will want to live in a house in a small village, other in the city center, closer to the action. And so on. I believe in heart we know what is the dream life we wanna live. Sometimes the crowd opinion does get in your way, f.e. You need to want to climb the career ladder or have children (last one especially if you are a woman). But you are allowed (of course!! Who forbid that??) to don’t want those things but want what you really want. ;)

Good way to find out what you really like is ask yourself: “What am I jelous of?” Even if jelousy is not a good quality (and it is not!!), we still do feel it. If you feel jelous, it is a sign that is something you want in your life too. Of course it is not as simple as that ;) f.e. if you want that big, shiny, expensive car, it might just mean that you want other people to respect you or your self-esteem is low so you need to boost it with expensive things. Ok, maybe the  jelousy advice was not the best :D. Also a good one to figure out what you want is oldy but goody – What would you do if you could do or have anything? And voila! You have your dream life pictured. :)

Anyways all these questions and answers depends on how honest you are with yourself. The true answers will come only when you are honest with yourself and that’s a fact. If you are not ready to be honest and face the truth, f.e. that you don’t want things that society wants you to want, you won’t be able to picture a dream life you are really happy about.

Soooo, less talking more doing! :) I encourage you to live your dream and be happy in your life. Can you make that as a birthday present to me? ;)

Ok, enough philosphy and life advice. Let’s talk clothes! :) Usually I have birhtday flower pictures with my birthday posts, but this year I have outfit photos. :) Nothing much to say, tbh, except maybe that I got the coat in a thrift store for 3EUR and it makes me very happy. :D Another thing that makes me very happy is the watch (scroll down to see it). The best reminder to follow my dreams and the best pun: “What time is it? It’s time to follow your dreams!” :)

colorful outfit ootf - blog -

blue coat outfit - blog -

colorful outfit blue coat - blog -

There is no need to put outfit details because everything I wear has been in my closet for years or thrifted, sooo it won’t be in shops. :D Except for the watch. I will link that (not affiliate, if you are wondering) if you like that. It’s the best item anyway. Wait.. nooo, no, it’s not. :D I like every single piece in this outfit. :D

striped dress ootd - blog -

stripe dress interesting watch - blog -

Follow your dreams women watch - blog -
Find the watch here

Tell me, are you excited for your birthday or excited AND a little bit worried about the age thing? How do you cope with that?

                        With love,


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