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Hey, lovelies! :) How are you? Hope you are doing extremely well. ;) Today I wanted to talk to you about living your authentic life.

I declared this year to be there year I start living. You know – for real. :D I don’t mean sky-diving and driving fast cars, no, I mean living the way I feel organic. How often do we do things what we think we should be doing just because society says so or parents, or even friends say so? It is so easy to fall into that trap. So, this year, I want to live the way I like it. It means staying strong, looking forwards and not letting thoughts like “what people will say about me or think about me” bother me. You know? Generally I don’t care what people think BUT there are those silent thoughts that worry how people will percieve this, what will they say, what if they laugh at me or give negative feedback.

Not getting into those thoughts is my ‘staying strong’. Here are some reasons I give myself to keep that mindset.

I am the boss of me not other people. Who even are those other people? The desire to be accepted is huge, but you know, people (at least the right people ;) ) will accept you for who you are (What a cliche to say :D But isn’t that true?). It is so freeing to act according to your inner feelings. And it feels so good to take your life into your own hands. It is kind of scary at first, but very empowering. It means I don’t think of ‘what others’ might think’, because for me my opinion is the most important. I do what feels authentic for me. And that way I also open doors to meet other like-minded people, because if you are following the crowd and NOT your inner voice, it is so much harder to find your kind of people just because you are in hiding and maybe they are in hiding too.

Great personalities didn’t fit in. Even though I am not 100% sure that I will discover new things that world can’t live without (f.e. Apple or other ;) ), it is a good reminder that great personalities (like Steve Jobs*, Marylin Monroe* … (insert peple you admire here) etc) showed their true colors and weren’t afraid to be different or say or do something shocking fot the rest of the society. You never know, maybe, if you made more authentic choices, you can become the next great personality! ;)

One another thing to consider – being authentic feels good! :) You feel like YOU again. You act according to you principles, life is interesting, no one tells you what to do. You know that you are worthy, you don’t need the approval of others anymore, because you have APPROVED yourself.

Also not always you need to make a choice that doesn’t go with the flow. Being authentic isn’t about making choices that the rest of society wouldn’t make. Being authentic is about making the right choices FOR YOU. If it goes with society mindset – very well! If not – very well as well! ;) So sometimes people will agree with you, sometimes they won’t, but this is your life, so you need to make decisions YOU feel GOOD about. :)

That’s all for today, folks! :) Share your authentic life choice moments (I really would like to hear them! :) ) or let me know who you consider a great personality* or role model in the comments and see you in the next post! :)

P.S. Steve Jobs and Marilyn Monroe are not my role models :D I just thought they are vivid, worldwide admired examples. To be honest, I am not sure I have a role model. :/ I really should get one though, I’ll think about it. ;)


                        With love,


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7 years ago

Being authentic is so relieving. It’s stressful trying to put on airs and constantly stressing about whether people see through them or not. (Spoiler alert: They do.) And you don’t get anywhere modeling yourself into someone else. :) I love this post. Such an important message.

Beth T
Beth T
7 years ago

Love this post and I agree with you – life is so much better when you do what’s right for you and not what everyone thinks you should be doing! You are the one who has to live your life at the end of the day xx


7 years ago

I honestly enjoyed reading this post so much and I could relate to everything you said. I think that we all at least ones in our lives strive to be authentic. Some keep discovering and realizing what authenticity really is about and some just let the world tell them. As well as you at the start of this year I really decided to live my best life and grow as a person. I know that it’s going to be a challenging journey but for sure the best one. I also don’t have a role model and I don’t think I… Read more »

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