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Heellloo, my awesome readers! :) How are you? Hope you are in a really good mood! As I am writing this, it is evening already and I feel a little bit sleepy but hopefully I will be able to write a real nice post for you about what to expect when going full time blogging. I am writing this from my own experience and I haven’t been a feel time blogger for a loooong time, but there are some things I noticed that I didn’t think about when I first started it out. Have to note that I am not working with brands currently, so I DON’T know upsides and downsides of that, but when I will, stay assured, I will tell you all about it. :)

Note. Even though full-time blogging is considered when a person does blogging as a job, I think every blogger out there is a full-time blogger. How can you not be? Blogging IS a full-time thing! If you think about things like SEO, developing your brand, SM engagement, pageviews, promos etc, I consider YOU a full-time blogger. :)

Oversharing. This might be a challenge particularly for me, because I am more an introvert or person who like to keep things private. Doesn’t sound like blogger profile, does it? :D Because bloggers share, share and share (not just on twitter or facebook :D ). Bloggers share their lives, thoughts, inner-struggles, insides of closets and make-up bags. Bloggers share things, that their friends haven’t seen or heard sometimes, am I right? Even though I am a private person, I like to share as well. I like to write as honest and from heart posts as much as I can, because I feel like they are the best ones. I like to give people ideas that are straight from my experience and inner world. When I first started it, I was excited, because it is really satisfying to see your thoughts written down and nicely packed in a post format, but after a while (a very little while for me!! :D), I felt like I was oversharing, I felt too open and raw. What did I do? Well, nothing much, tbh. I wanna keep writing that kind of posts and I just need to feel confident about my thoughts and personality, still working on that! :)

Feeling lonely. You work from home, you don’t get out much. If you are a new blogger, you don’t have meetings with important people or brands so you spend most of the time with yourself. Of course, some people are totally OK with working alone and not seeing other human beings for most part of the day, I am a little bit like those people :D but also I sometimes miss human company. Not even for chatting or ‘big talks’, sometimes it is just nice to work alongside someone. :)

Social media (SM) gets dull. You know how when you go on instagram and really like every picture you see? Is it a flatlay, or sunset, or street from a trip someone has gone to, or a picture taken from a really artistic angle or a smiley blogger selfie etc. After scrolling through social media every day A LOT, it sometimes gets dull. All the pictures seem kind of the same and not exciting at all. Sounds depressive :D but I think that comes from over-using the SM. How I fix it, I take some time off social media, not a lot, a day or two (f.e.the weekend). During this time I might post something on intsastories or other, but that’s it. I don’t look through others posts. And then after the little break, when I come back, I like every picture again. :) Even though I take the days off, after the break I feel like I am more productive and can do more SM wise. It’s like with everything in life – taking a break is not a crime! Also when you go to full time blogging, you need to realize, that social media is now your workspace, even though it is still fun :), it is a part of your job.

You need to get comfortable with photographing everything in your life everywhere anytime. Ok, NOT everything :D but when I am in a company of NOT well known people I do sometimes struggle with taking out my phone to take a pretty cafe picture for instagram or just taking a selfie in public is scary as well. :D Sounds silly, but when you feel like everyone is looking at you (or waiting on you!) while you arrange those croissants nicely.. :D it can feel embarrassing. Especially if you are a young blogger. If you are a world known blogger (exaggerate just a little bit :D), firstly, then you have an experience and you just don’t care, and secondly, you can go like: “It’s my job! F*** off.”:D At least, that’s how I feel. Of course, people are different and for one individual it will be a piece of cake ;) while for some others, it will take some time to adjust. And it’s ok! It is fun to overcome your “public fears”. :) Feels so freeing.

Blogging takes a lot of time. I know, this is not a shocker to any blogger out there. :D But I did think that it is an important one. Hours can fly by doing “unimportant” tasks, f.e. half an hour on taking a flatlay for a casual instagram post or choosing a photo for your blogpost. Also it is time consuming to upload the post itself. You need to add the pictures, straighten sides, add your signature, add tags, write excerption for google and for social media, make outgoing links as “nofollow”, proof-read your text and various times click to a preview look to see if everything really looks good. So, my point is, you can spend half a day just uploading a post and feel like you “haven’t done nothing much”. BUT let me tell you, uploading a post IS DOING something much! :) Also, it would be helpful to break it down to the little tasks and realize that publishing a post is not a single-piece job and you shouldn’t look at it that way.

Ok, I think let’s leave it there for now. :) What are the things you find the hardest as a blogger? Or things you didn’t expect to happen when you first started blogging (f.e. getting sick of SM)? Tell me in the comments! :)

                           With love,


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7 years ago

This post is spot on. I didn’t know blogging would take so much time and effort. I often take breaks and come back feeling refreshed. I have to remind myself why I started blogging in the first place. People often ask when my next post is or why I haven’t written anything in a while and I have to remind them that blogging is something I do on the side in my spare time and that I’m not a full time blogger.

Thank you for sharing.

Sabah ||

7 years ago

I find keeping up with the blogging schedule is sometimes hard, but overall I love blogging x

Pink Frenzy

Ann Yip
Ann Yip
7 years ago

Thanks for sharing this with me. I can relate to so many of these and I just blog for fun.

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