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For this post I have to thank Lily Kate from because she tagged me in Bloggers’ tag she made up. Check out her blog and answers here! :)

Also, with this post, enjoy pictures that are taken this year, day after Christmas..

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1. Something you would never do again? Highschool. :D I was not a fan of boring lessons and not being able to be who I am because too afraid to be judged. By teachers, by shoolmates, by myself.

2. If you could change one decision you made, what would it be? The decision to drink coffee for the first and other times.

3. Is everything going to plan? No. What plan? My plan after highschool was to become a dancer/dance teacher/producer. I went to study Biology, however now I work in marketing/writting. Soo.. yeah, planning my life has worked out very well! :D But to be honest, I always dreamed, not planned. There is a big difference. Also I lacked confidence in my dreams/plans and myself. It resulted in bouncing around looking for the right thing. I feel like I am still bouncing though..

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4. Favourite gift you’ve ever received? Big boot box filled with tapes, bows and other gift decorating material. Recieved it at least 6 year ago and still using the materials.

5. If you were able to pause time at any point in your lifetime, when would you choose? Not yet. Maybe 25, 26? Ask me after few years. :D

6. I’m a little embarrassed that I still… feel like a little girl time to time.

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7. If you could have coffee with any 3 people, who would they be? Hmm.. This was a hard one. I am not a big believer in “stars” and celebrities, so I am not eager to meet actors or political figures. BUT would really enjoy meeting “regular” people who share their lives in the internet.

I would like to have a coffee with Zoella, because I watch her videos and I think she is a really nice and fun person to be around. And I would pet her cute and the best behaved pug ever. :)

I would like to have coffee with Audrey from because I would like to learn more about her, even though I am a bit intimidated by her. :D And I would also pet her cute, fluffy dog which is a bread I really love!

I would like to meet for a coffee Mathias and Amanda, because I think they are fun, nice people and I think we would have a lot in common.

I would love to add to this list other bloggers and youtubers I read/watch.. But the question was only about 3 and I am about to add the 4th already…

Santa. I would love to visit Santa and his elves in the North Pole. That would be really awesome, if all that would be real. We would sip cocoa (because Santa drinks only cocoa! ;) ) by the fire and he would tell me funny stories from Christmas in the past. And his wife would join us, of course, and a few of the most important elves. And they would tell me about elf life, weekdays in Northpole and other magical and ordinary things.

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8. Which blog post will you never publish? I have blogpost I have kind of written but haven’t published, but they are just not relevant anyore. So, I don’t have any blogposts that are written and held to ”unpublished”.

9. What do you like and dislike about being a girl/boy? I like the obvious – dressing up, caring about my appearances, using make up, having the possibility to wear long hair and paint my nails (oh, I know boys can do that do, today, everyone can do what I ever they want ;) ). Also I like taking care of household and guests, making my home homy. My favourite part however is being a woman and do everything I do womanly (becauce I cannot do it different and that is fine!). I like to be sensitive, caring, intuitive, attentive.. Not sure these qualities are bound to being a girl though but whatever. ;) I migh dislike the same things I like, because a lot of girls want to be like guys these days and being a dressy, sensitive, caring woman can be mistaken with “being too into her looks aka stupid”, weak and “not ambitious enough aka just a woman”. I could ramble on about this topic. :D

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10. What do you want to know? Everything. I am almost not kidding. I like to know a lot. But right now? I would love to know ALL Biology, French, German, Spanish and my goal in this life.

11. What makes you feel like you’ve got your sh*t together? A job and feeling hopefull and bright for the future.

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12. Strangest discussion you’ve had this week? Hmm.. Don’t know. I feel like answering these random questions is quite strange. :D

13. Are you taken seriously? It depends whether I take myself seriously.

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14. If I let anger tell me what to do… Hahaa, it is not pretty nor I like to let my anger out. I yell, I through stuff, I kick things I migh say something mean too. But honestly, I hope never go that low. Instead I try not to build up my anger in first place. Let it out while I can do it in a calming way. I like to find out what angers me because anger comes from powerlessness and other stuff, and once I know what is the real cause I can work with that.

15. What kind of person attracts you? Not ordinary. Fun. Deep. Don’t believiers in this system. Intelligent. Easygoing. Optimistic. Caring. Good. Kind. Openminded. Smart. Nice. Travelers. Those who think differently and are not scared to think with their own head and make their own decisions and assumptions. Those who know “The secret” work. Adventurous.

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Next ones I tag to do this are ….. ;) Zane (in latvian), Lelda and Louise. Good luck girls, and send me a link to your answers! :) Also everyone else who wants to join, please, don’t hesitate, do it!

                            With love,


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lily kate
lily kate
8 years ago

Thank you so much for joining in Madara! Glad you liked my questions, even if they were pretty random. :D It’s fun not to take yourself too seriously sometimes isn’t it?!? And I know exactly what you mean about the difficulty of seeming ‘too into your looks’ – so annoying! Caring about looks doesn’t guarantee caring / not caring about anything else.
Thank you again, and I hope those you’ve tagged enjoy answering the questions too!
lots of love,
lily x

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