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Ok, I wanted to make this a personal cosmetic wishlist, but firstly turns out some products I wanted to try have parabens in them or they are not cruelty free and that is a huge deal breaker for me. So this turned to be a post about 2 product I love and 2 I would love to try. :D

Gusto peach hand cream

I started with this because I KNOW this is an awesome cream! It is organic, local and smells amazing, AND does the job. Hands are soft and well taken care. This hand cream really moisturizes cuticules (as mine are always so dry..) and all hands, of course, so it’s perfect for me! I am not sure, does Gusto ship their production abroad, but if you are in Latvia someday and looking for a hand cream, this is the one to go with. :)

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Moon flower rose-beige tinting fluid

MADARA cosmetics is another cool eco-cosmetics brand to check out if you are in the are. However, MADARA does have their production abroad, so it is possible you can buy some of their stuff in local stores too. Maybe they are shipping internationally, possibly.

BUT :) this product ended up on my wishlist, because I am not a big fan of foundations, I always think they are too sticky and too much (for me). So, this toning fluid is awesome! It tints face really lightly, feels just like a face cream and visually smoothes skin. You can still see some imperfections through (acne, blemishes, skars etc), so it does not have that good coverage as foundation, BUT that is just what I love about it! It’s like it is not even there, you cannot tell, your skin just look naturally better.

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Now.. off to some things I have never tried, but would love to.

Mossa Nutritive antioxidant day cream (with cloudberry)

Haven’tried this one but sounds awesome. :) If I will, I will tell you how it worked out, don’t worry. ;) From Mossa I have tried the Micellar water and loved it, so I think their face creams should be fine too. Also, Mossa is an subsidiary-company of MADARA cosmetics, so that gives them the reliability in my eyes.

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Mossa restoring eye cream (with blackberry)

I just want an eye cream.. :D Do I need to tell more? But to be honest, I don’t know how eye creams are different from just face creams. They are more gentle, more…? well, if you know, please tell me in the comments. :)

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I was going to include Kieh’s products, since few years ago they opened a shop here in Latvia too, but then I couldn’t find the full ingredient list on their website (I like to know what I use for my face ad body!) and I read this article so, Kiehl’s for me is off the table.

Also, I was leaning towards trying out Bobby Brown, but found out they use parabens and other stuff too, so, sorry Bobby brown, you didn’t make into my wishlist either.

But instead, I will consider Clarins and NARS. However, I am not sure if NARS is selling here in Latvia..

So, if you know some really good, eco-friendly, organic cosmetics brands please, please share!!

P.S. I was not paid to write this post. All products I have found myself and expressed 100% my opinion (to be honest, if this was a paid review post, the opinion still would be 100% mine :) ).

                            With love,


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