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When I wrote the first post about HSP (highly sensitive person) I thought I definitely should write another one about what’s good about being a HSP. So here I am today trying to do that. ;) Will see how it goes.

HSP tend to notice details more. This is one of the qualities I really like. :) It makes me feel like Sherlock Holmes. :D However I am not entirely sure HOW detail noticing is bound with HSP, but maybe because HSP takes more IN of the outside world, including small details. To be honest, I don’t feel like that is a ‘special gift’ or something, I think everyone can see the details, they just choose not to (maybe it isn’t that simple, I don’t know). But I have noticed that I tend to point out little things what others have missed. Just please don’t think of me as an annoying-detailed-oriented person. :D Not ALWAYS I am that attentive, that’s why I said that I don’t feel like that is a ‘special gift’.

HSP can feel the mood of people they are with. This is a tricky one because it is not all that positive, but I think once you learn how to control it (not me. :D Yet), it can give you real advantage when communicating with people. It also can totally confuse you, firstly, you need to realize are YOU feeling those emotions or your partner, secondly, when you know how the person feels, what to do next? Ok, maybe the second one is not that confusing – now you have an opportunity to ask some questions and make a meaningful conversation. P.S. It is NOT like some kind of ‘super-power’ :D NOT AT ALL. Sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes stronger, sometimes very vaguely.

Good thing is that HSP are always polite and nice, the last thing they wanna do is to offend you or make you feel bad. However, life is life, right? Not always you can be extra nice and understanding. I’ve learned that and realized that disappointing others once in a while is a price I have to pay to stay true to myself. It doesn’t always come easy though. I lost the meaning why this should be in the good things about being a HSP, but ok. :D

THE empathy. Not a schoker. :D Just now I realized that I‘ve always considered myself as a diplomat, a person who can see the situation from both sides and understand why the person acts a certain way, and not take any sides. I can make educated guesses about the reasons behind others’ actions, but it doesn’t mean that I at once agree with them or that I don’t feel hurt all otherwise if some shit-action has come my way. However, understanding the reasons can help to understand the situation and forgive or calm myself better. Is this a HSP feature entirely, again, I don’t know. :D But I think it has something to do with empathy.

Not sure how positive this post turned out :D but I still feel it is a bit brighter than the previous one, focusing more on the good stuff. To be honest, I think in the future I will be able to write a better post why being a HSP is a good thing. :) But for now, let’s leave it there, and please, share your experiences what’s good about being a HSP! :)

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    • Madara Reply

      Yeah, I was pretty glad to learn about HSP myself. :)

  1. I love this post! I’m definitely a highly sensitive person & I actually really like it being a part of my personality. I agree with all of these points too, especially the first and second!

    • Madara Reply

      So glad you liked it! :) And happy to hear that you enjoy being a HSP – sometimes it is not easy and to hear that there are people out there who love being a HSP.. it makes me happy. :) Have an awesome day, Lauren!

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