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Hello, my beautiful readers! :) Are you celebrating? Valentine’s day? Or maybe you are trendy and celebrate Galentine’s day instead of Valentine’s day and leave the traditional heart-day for young couples and people who have just started dating? Nevertheless, we cannot avoid the fact that tomorrow is the 14th of February, the official day when we celebrate love.

As with Halloween (post about Why I don’t celebrate Halloween here!), Valentine’s day in Latvia is not as popular as it is in the U.S. Before writing this post, I read some info that people are sick of the commercialized Valentine’s day and are more leaning towards the previously mentioned Galentine’s day. Do you know what Galentine’s day is? To be honest, turns out I didn’t know the correct definition of this term :D . I thought it was meant to be a day when you celebrate friendship – and get together with friends and have a lil’ party. I did imagine that mostly single people do this, so they don’t feel so letft out and sad on Valentine’s day (those hearts EVERYWHERE can be overwhelming!!). OK, I wasn’t that far off the definition but as it turns out, Galentine’s day is kind of just for ladies. So, girlfriends get together and celebrate their friendship – girl power and all that. I am not sure why guys are left out of this celebration but maybe guys just generally don’t care about Valentine’s day that much anyway. Also, fun fact, Galentine’s day origin is from the TV show “Parks and recreation”. They made it as a joke at first, but ladies were like: “Hell, yeah! I am getting together with my girlfriends tonight and we are celebrating that we are strong, confident, beautiful women!”.

Galentine's day - blog -
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I have never been a fan of Valentine’s day, I mean at first it was just a slap in the face that I don’t have a romantic relationship but later on when I had a boyfriend, Valentine’s day just wasn’t important anymore. :D As I said, here in Latvia, we don’t celebrate holidays as crazy as they do in the U.S. We as a nation are more laid-back and minimalistic. Bright shiny heart-shaped balloons and big teddy bears who are holding hearts etc are not what we usually call beautiful. But back on the Valentine’s day topic – I’ve talk to my friends who are in relationships for years now and most of them say that Valentine’s day is just not something they celebrate. They share their love all year long and don’t bother making Valentine’s day as another anniversary. What I am trying to say, if you are single and stressing about Valentine’s day – DON’T! Couples don’t celebrate it anyway (ok, some do) and you can have fun with your gals and make it the best day of the year even without a boyfriend/girlfriend. Or just not care and treat it is a regular Tuesday. :D Nothing wrong with that. :)

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By the way, one of my best Valentine’s days was when I was single and volunteered to help in the coat check for a Valentine’s special comedy play about men and women differences. For helping out, we didn’t get paid, but got champagne and could watch the play for free. AND the lead actor (OK, it was a one-man-play, so the only actor :D) opened the champagne for us girls and he was my favourite local actor. And all that just because I was open to have fun on Valentine’s day no matter my relationship status! I do encourage you to have fun. :)

Anyways, as I said before a lot of people are starting to neglect Valentine’s day because of the commercialization and other factors, and thanks to that people don’t get THAT depressed around this time of year anymore. What do you think? And that’s nice! Galentine’s day was a savior too I think. Helping single people to breath during this time of year. :)

Just one thing I wanna add – I am starting to love Valentine’s day. :) I think just because I like pink and red, and heart-shapes. :D I would soooo love to have a pink-fluffy jumper with hearts on it. ;) Also I am all for LOVE. I think I would have been VERY happy during the 70-ties :D peace-love and hippie stuff. :D OK, I like their ideology, but I am NOT a fan of weed, platform shoes and I feel like hippie-people were all natural in a little bit grose way, so that’s not for me, but peace and love – YEEEY! ;)

So, tell me, what are your plans for Valentine’s day? Girls night out? Ex-boyfriend bon-fire? :D Romantic night with your special someone or maybe a blind date?

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