Helloo, my favourite readers! :) How is today going for you? Had a free moment and thought to browse through blogs and stumble upon mine? ;) Happy to see you here! :) Hope you enjoy today’s post and without further ado, let’s get into it!

Today I want to talk about keeping yourself young. Even though most likely you, who is reading this, still are in the category “young” (as am I) but even I sometimes have the thoughts: “When we were young…! What the kids do today…! In future handwriting will disappear because everyone uses only devices…” etc. You know, the general, “how fast World is changing” kind of thoughts. ;) Have you had them already? ;) Let’s face it – analog phones are not coming back and candies nowadays contain a lot more useless things than just sugar (I hope they didn’t though!). Speaking about candies, I think, it is important to fight for the ‘clean’ food, but talking about technology.. the keyword is balance, not elimination.

You can ah and oh about how kids are fat today and consumed by technology but they will still crave the sugar plus food additives and they will still want to play with their phones. Now think about it, if you were a kid in a modern World – wouldn’t you want the same things? Tasty candies and exciting video games? All I am trying to say, we are all new to technology and foods with long components lists, it is however up to us, the grownups and parents (ok, I am not a parent, but you get what I mean) to teach kids and OURSELVES how to balance the technology time with healthy eating and exercise.

Little paragraph about kids. :D it just somehow happened.

Roll with the flow but keep your eyes open. Things will never be as they were when you were young. That’s a fact! Progress is happening in so many different fields every day. Sometimes it is beneficial, sometimes it is scary, sometimes it feels unnecessary, but it is happening. So better learn how to use that new piece of technology, accept there most likely will be more and more online jobs and maybe the bus drivers soon will be replaced by robots. You never know. Can you imagine that smartphones, as we know them today, are present ONLY for about 7 years? :O Yup, that fast technology is developing. However, don’t follow every trend blindfolded, use your own judgment and analyze are you resisting something just because you have used to the old ways or because it is just not beneficial. Not all discoveries and novelties are meant to stay!

By the way, talking about accepting new things, someone on SM some time ago shared an article from 2000 I think. The article was about how in China they have made a mobile phone with a photo camera. The funny part was the comments section where people were trashing this idea. :D Saying – my phone works just fine without it, I can use my digital camera very well, what’s next – phone with swiss army knife functions..? etc etc. I am writing this from my memory so I don’t remember the juiciest bits, unfortunately, but you get the point. :D Mobile phone with a photo camera! Crazy idea, isn’t it? :D

What I am really trying to say, don’t get stuck in the past. You know, how old people don’t get smartphones or Instagram? Now it seems funny but in decades, that can be you. Stuck in your youth when Instagram was hip and saying that the new SM is not the same. I explain it with the 4 stages people go through their life. Theses stages show how open they are to change and how they perceive life:

Kids – they live in the future (and present); young grownups – they live in the present and use all the new gadgets and their possibilities etc; old grownups – they are pressured to live in the present and to use all the gadgets but they don’t use all their potential (for example, your parents using their smartphones only for calling and taking pictures), they are starting to lean into the next stage; which is seniors – people who are stuck in a certain era when they were young and live kind of in denial that the World has changed.

I want to add that there is nothing wrong with being in any of these stages, seniors nowadays have some cute qualities that are already lost in our generation, but there is nothing wrong with keeping up with the pace of the World either.

 Even though I am still young, I think it is wise to prepare yourself for being flexible in the future. I myself want to live in the present when I am older too and be able to experience all the cool new stuff that is yet to come! :) I don’t know will this preparation work ;) but being open to change is a VERY good quality to nurture anyway.

I have no idea have I explained my thought clearly. I really tried though. ;)

So, keep that young mindset, don’t fear change and let’s meet in 2050’s hippest SM platform! ;)

Are you a modern person and going with the flow is not challenging at all or just the opposite? :)

                       With love,


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