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Let’s try this again. Long time no see, my beautiful readers! :) Oh, yeeeees, I still keep struggling with my reasons to keep blogging. As you can see. ;) But I am determined to overcome them because mistakes and breaks shouldn’t stop us from achieving our goals. I know I read this somewhere – “The most successful people are those who can bounce back the fastest from their mistakes and problems.” – and I feel like it is true. Not grabbing to the past, but looking with a bright mind to the future. Have to mention though that as an HSP drowning into past events is very easy for me as I can relive them so vividly. The Past should be understood but that’s it. Once it is done, one has to be able to drop it and MOVE ON.

Ok, let’s talk strength!

Nowadays, we all want it, don’t we? Men, women (especially women), girls, boys, everyone. And I talk about emotional or mental strength. Not physical. However, being strong physically can improve you feeling strong mentally as well. But what does being strong even mean? Does it mean you don’t cry EVER? That you are not affected by what others think or say? Does it mean you approach all things logically and never emotionally? Does it mean that you don’t need help? That you can always do things on your own? Or does it mean that you don’t give up. That you are able to work with yourself mentally and get through the emotional or other blocks you have to live a full life. To feel happy. What is your definition of strong? I am asking this because I feel like ‘strong’ is a very popular word and slogan these days but what does it mean for you? Is being ‘strong’ really the only honorable path to being a good human?

I’ll tell you what I think. Being strong is awesome. Feeling strong is awesome! It helps us feel empowered and full of life, ready to take on any obstacles that might occur on the way to our goal. Feeling strong makes us believe we can do anything. So why shouldn’t we all strive to be strong? Or should we? My opinion is that a lot of people already are strong. Some know it and also feel strong. But some… some are strong but feel weak. You might feel weak if you do not check all the society boxes of ‘being strong’, for example, you are not made of steal and time to time get emotional when watching romantic movies or when things get tough in your life. If nothing else, being emotional and being able to manage all that makes you even a stronger person than the one that approaches things always logically. But as always I do not encourage comparison, I encourage individuality.

Every one of us has a different path, different backgrounds, different childhoods, different levels of emotionality etc. There is no way you can compare yourself with others if the criteria are different. So, don’t do that. Look at yourself individually and evaluate your strength based on yourself.

Ok, enough rambling ;). I made a list of things that characterize strong people (in my opinion!). See if something applies to you and if not – maybe being strong for you means something else and you always can make your list of what you think strong people do and become one. Aaaand if you realize that you are in fact ‘weak’, no worries! We are not born strong, we become strong because of the choices we make and actions we do. Just pick something from the list and start acting on it! You can do it, I totally believe in you. :) Also being weak is not shameful, it means you approach things differently in life. And it is your choice to be strong or to be weak. Remember, not making a choice is also a choice. ;)

Here we go, 18 things strong people do

1. They never give up on themselves and get up after mistakes or setbacks and keep going. Always.

2. They are always patient with themselves and know that self-care is very important to succeed in life.

3. They are determined.

4. They do what THEY think is right. They listen to their hearts and don’t listen to what others have to say about it. They do value other people’s constructive opinions though.

5. They are able to forgive.

6. They work through their difficulties, they never build around themselves walls or hide behind rudeness or addictions.

7. They know that setbacks are a part of the process.

8. They are flexible and understand that not always things will go according to their original plan. That’s ok, they are ready to adjust.

9. They are not scared to make mistakes. They see them as learning lessons, not punishment.

10. They don’t feel the need to make themselves look better on other people’s expense.

11. They feel comfortable in their own skin.

12. They see the bigger picture.

13. They try new things.

14. They focus on the positive.

15. They admit their mistakes or misbehavior. They realize they did wrong, they learn the lesson, forgive themselves and move on. They don’t feel guilty about things they did far in the past.

16. They work on themselves constantly.

17. They don’t feel sorry for themselves. They acknowledge the feelings they have, but they also don’t drown in self-pity as they know that isn’t helpful to get what they want.

18. If they need help, they don’t hesitate to ask for it.

Being strong is not a destination, it is a journey. Lifelong journey. That’s why you can always jump in and start working on your strength. You are never too late! If you stop moving along with life, you cannot be considered strong. You are changing every moment, life around you is changing every moment. That’s why being strong is never easy, it is a process that never stops. One day you conquer one of your fears or weaknesses, the next day you have new obstacles to overcome. Sounds doom but it is not. When polishing your strength, you climb your life mountain. I think we should live thinking and believing, that life always goes upwards, no matter the count of setbacks or plateaus, it should always go up. And it can go up if you never give up on yourself and just keep going. Keep changing. Keep working. Work on your strength, so your life path always goes upwards. Even if you are feeling down, you are higher in your life path than year or two before. You are already there. To be strong – just keep moving in the right direction. You will never be strong if you stay static.

What do you think strong people do? Or what qualities they have? Share in the comments! :)

                          With love,


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5 years ago

Good list! I think strong people are also kind to others. And tolerant of others who are different than they are.

6 years ago

This was interesting to read….I think you covered everything in your list, I don’t have anything to add x

Pink Frenzy

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