Hiking in Latvia, Baltic sea - blog - Lookforsmile.com
Together with the best adventures’ buddy and author of this post’s photos @the.zane


Name: Madara.

Gender: female.

Age: 24.

About: Likes long walks on the beach. LONG walks. 7 hours being the minimum and weather isn’t relevant. Are you in?

Baltic sea, hiking, pines - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Baltic sea, pine forest, hiking in Latvia - blog - Lookforsmile.com

forest, black and white photo, seaside - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Hiking in Latvia, Baltic sea winter hike - blog - Lookforsmile.com

I like walking. Eh, to be honest this “walk” along the seaside was more like a hike since we mostly traveled through the dunes and forest. Anyway, there is something I really like about being outside and hiking. Is it the feeling of movement? Or nature relaxes me? Or maybe I just feel free when I am outside. And by outside I don’t mean busy streets of Riga. :D I am thinking about places where I can see far away and only human beings there are the ones I came together with. No crowds of strangers, no judging, no wondering about “is this appropiate” and “why is he/she staring??”.

Also I love a good hiking challenge, I like to expand my comfort zone regarding outdoors. It is fun to explore new places, find the right path and you never know what obstacles you will have to overcome to reach the destination. Sometimes there are none (like this hike, quite relaxing it was!), sometimes there are plenty things to get over. I have always been an adventures loving spirit, I had just forgotten it for a while, but, hey! I am back! :) As well as my diverse personality, I so eagerly tried to put in a box.

More about adventures and my relationships with them you can read in this post. :) + cool pictures of awesome little adventure I had!

Baltic sea, debouchment, Latvia travel - blog - Lookforsmile.com

debouchment, Baltic sea, Latvia travel, hiking - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Baltic sea, beach, Latvia travel, hiking - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Details about this hike, if you are ever in Latvia and wanna have an outdoors-y holiday.

Distance: about 28km, between debouchments of 2 biggest rivers of Latvia: Gauja and Daugava. In therms of populated places: from Carnikava to Mangaļsala.

Logistics: To get to Carnikava take a train or bus, or car. To leave from Mangaļsala take the bus nr.24 or car.

That’s it, easy-peasy. :)

Hiking in Latvia - blog - Lookforsmile.com
Capturing some moments myself. :)

Speaking about hiking, check out my 5 times longer post :D about 60km hike in Latvia’s forests. I share tips and emotional insights! And it has 2 parts. I know, apparently I really wanted to remember every little detail of this hike. :D

Looking back to 60km hiking trip in forest

Hiking in Latvia - blog - Lookforsmile.com
Part 1 How it started
Hiking in Latvia - blog - Lookforsmile.com
Part 2 What happend in the end






Do you like to hike? Share your favourite hiking trails or trails you wanna try!

                          With love,


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8 years ago

I love hiking and exploring new places, it makes me feel so relaxed and seeing nature is one of the best things in life. I think finding new places to visit gives you more memories to have that you can treasure forever. The beach in Latvia looks wonderful and I could walk on it for hours and just enjoy the view. This is a really lovely post :) and your photographs look amazing!

Angie xx

8 years ago

Such amazing photos!! They’re incredible views!! I’m really into hiking too & think it’s such an enjoyable way to see the world as well as getting fit :-) I did a 20km & 30km hike in Norway a few years ago & the views there were so amazing. Definitely one of the best experiences of my life. Great post lovely :-)
I’m visiting from the #lbloggers twitter chat today :-)

8 years ago

Looks good, girl! I have always liked Latvian seaside hiking trails.. Spending time in nature is the best relaxation. Take care! ;)

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