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Hello, hello beautiful people! Haven’t seen you in a while but, oh, how I’ve missed you. :) This post is made to explain why things in blogging happen as they happen to me and most certainly is NOT a comeback post because I do not do those well. :D Just a friendly chatter with you, my friends. :)

So, reasons why I keep having blogging breaks nicely listed and explained:

1. Lack of inspiration

At a time, I just couldn’t think of new topics to write about. And be passionate about them. I guess some would say, that it is a sign not to be a blogger, because I read that a lot fo bloggers have topics in mind enough to cover a year of blogposts. I guess I just wore myself out and didn’t get enough energy back from blogging.

2. Put too much pressure on myself

Everything has to be perfect. I need to succeed. Right now with the first try. Even though I know blogging is a niche were success grows slowly, I anyway wanted a right away success. Especially if you read some posts that say, oh, I grew a huge audience and can live just off blogging in one year! Of course, it demands a lot of effort put in but it also is exhausting and energy sucking.

3. Money

Yeah, the money issue. Blogging needs some budget. At least if you wanna do outfit shots or DIYs. Sometimes you just need props for photos or some actual equipment for camera or lights etc. Of course you can live without all that. Especially in the beginning. But as you know I wanted everything in the pro level from the very start.. ;) (haa haa :D ) so that was an issue for me. But also I needed to think about other ways to earn money as blogging was just taking up time but not giving much in return.

4. Self-confidence

It is hard to put yourself out there. Sharing myself on the internet wasn’t an easy step for me. Why did I take on blogging then? Who knows. :D I still do love my blog with all the pictures of me and my personal thoughts. I think it has been a terrifying but freeing experience (still going through it though). At some point maybe it was just too much. I have a fear of being judged so blogging was building my confidence expressing my thoughts AND me in general as well as being a very overwhelming experience.

5. Not sure what topics to choose

What should I write about? I read a lot of fashion, lifestyle and DIY blogs, so I thought, yup, I will make that kind of blog myself! But as I said, those need a lot of finances (at least some finances ;) ) and even though I looooovee pretty things, just writing about clothes wasn’t for me. And asking people to photograph me ALL THE TIME was exhausting too. I didn’t feel organic at all. I applaud to those fashion bloggers who do it on everyday basis. It is NOT that easy as it looks, you know. Especially if your boyfriend or sister is not a photograph or into art-sy staff at all. :D

Then I thought about giving some kind of value and using my degree in Biology and sharing popular-scientific posts about stuff that matters and interests me. For example, one post that never aired was about “does hormones from cow end up in milk and can they affect me”. Why I didn’t go through with it? It was too much hard work. (God, how lazy I sound :D). But that’s the truth I guess. It asked for TOO much research (I did give a real scientific research, btw) and I think I wasn’t that passionate about it in the end. I still like to know answers to those kind of questions, but it would be so much better if someone just gave them to me. :D

P.S. For the record, I like putting my thoughts down in words, that is one of the reason I like blogging. :)

6. Feeling small in the blogging crowd

Yup. There are millions of blogger out there. And they all wanna be successful and become something in the blogging world. How to excel? How to be special and recognisable? When reading blogging tips, always comes up that you need to have beautiful photos to lure people into your blog, but what if I don’t feel my pictures are that WOW (or professional looking ;) )? And so many girls (and boys) are making great, fun posts with exceptional photos and content. It is just overwhelming. It is a constant world of comparesment. Even when you know you shouldn’t do it, you do it. Right?

7. Is this the things I really wanna do? – Looking too far in the future

Oh, my top life question. :D Is it worht putting effort into this? Do I REALLY wanna be a blogger? Do I REALLY wanna be something else? Even though you should think about future, overthinking it, is damaging. Sometimes just enjoying the moment can lead us to better future.

8. A lot of work for too small return

Blogging takes A LOT of work. Those who are bloggers and reading this, you know what I mean. I have put up to 6 or more hours into one posts and got nothing. Small page views and no comments. Of course, my blog is small, so I shouldn’t expect any big numbers but it anyways feels a bit discouraging. Expecially, if you have foolishly big expectations. To be honest, I do realize all the facts that it is totally OK to not get a lot of page views and comments etc. in the begging, but the hope is still there. It just made me sad, that I put a lot of effort and time in a post and “no one likes it”. I don’t wanna end this paragraph on such a miserable note :D, so I’ll say, I now know what to expect (not only fact wise but how it makes me feel), so I think I can cope better with this situation now.

9. Perfectionism – everything has to be high level!

I did cover this a little bit in the 2.point, but I want to add it one more time because this quality did suck a lot of fun out of blogging. For example, editing pictures almost all day. When putting up a blogpost, refreshing the page hundreds of times and adjusting some little details (can’t even name them now :D ). Also wanting everything all at once – the perfect blog, the perfect blog posts, the perfect pictures, the perfect marketing strategy, the perfect social media strategy etc.

10. There is so much to handle

I have also touched this topic previously but I wanted to name all the activities required for a blogger. :D Blogpost writing, social media (regular-everyday posts of course), marketing, photo taking and editing, commenting and interacting with other bloggers, web design abilities (little touches on the blog from time to time), data analysing, making an e-mail list, thinking about newsletter content, finding and signing up for affiliate programs, reaching out to brands and businesses etc. And of course having fun in the process. I was struggling with finding balance with all these tasks. When I was interacting with other bloggers, I didn’t have time to write content for my own blog, when I waswritingg content, there wasn’t much time to connect or spend time on SM (social media). And that goes around. I am not one of those superwomen who can do everything. You know those people, who have energy and motivation for everything all the time. God, that’s annoying. :D I get tired, I need a lot of me time to reflect, my emotions easily cloud my ability to work, I get bored of doing the same all the time and I lose myself when I am too much out there and interacting with other human beings (I like to do that though!!). In a few words, my perception of life is not easy. ;)

+ And as a bonus – the hard drive of my computer died and a lot of blog stuff with it (yup, I hadn’t backed it up properly!!). That didn’t help to get back on blogging. ;) But now I think it was a really nice opportunity to start clean!

Hahaa, it feels like this post became a general whining why blogging is boooo. :D It wasn’t meant to be like that. ;) However, for me a lot of reasons why I have my blogging brakes are from the downside of blogging.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading! If you made it to the end, BRAVO, you are a hero. :)

Have any other reasons why people have blogging breaks? Please share in the comments!

                             With love,


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7 years ago

I loved this! So true long hours and money make me question blogging all the time. I remind myself though everything worth having takes a little time and of course money. My thing is exhaustion. Working a day job and coming home putting all in my blog… I’m exhausted.

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