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Hello, you beautiful! :) How are you? Hope you are doing AWESOME! :)

Recently me and my friend, we had a litle hiking trip again. When the weather gets cold and overcast, and not at all pleasent, we take out our hiking boots and go for a looong walk. :D At least it looks like it as we didn’t do much trekking during the summer and spring. :D And by the way to refresh your memory my last hiking trip post is here. ;) If you fancy to read.

Also this post is featuring my best adventure buddy – @luckyzane (her instagram account; she shares some awesome pics! :) ). More on adventure buddies I ramble on in this post,  Just saying, if you are interested. :)

Ragaciems jūra ziemā - blog - Lookforsmile.com
The beginning point.
hiking trip in November - blog - Lookforsmile.com
Start selfie ;) .

Oh, and I am really confused about when to use hiking, trekking or walking so I am sorry for probably using those terms incorrectly. :/

There is something magical about these non-seasonal hiking trips. One of the things is the fact that there are fewer people outdoors (hiding from the cold and generally described as “yucky” weather) so you have more real nature feeling. Ah, know what I mean? ;) Of course, you can find tracks that are human-free almost all year around but that isn’t the seaside mostly. To be fair, in this particular route, there were quite a lot of people though. But still less than in summertime.

Baltijas jūra ziemā - blog - Lookforsmile.com
Baltic sea (more precisely – Gulf of Riga)

Bigauņciems jūra - blog - Lookforsmile.com

I also like the chilly outdoors air. So much better than in summer when it is sultry and not at all refreshing. Plus physical activities during hot (or even warm weather) are challenging. I am a person that is mostly feeling hot (oh the pun :D ) so chilly weather is perfect for me. Not that I am against Summers and only waiting for the temperature to drop below zero, no no. ;) I like living in a place where seasons have a real meaning. In Latvia we have distinct Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. And it is GREAT. Back to the hot feeling ( :D ), I exercise lot, so I warm my body by physical activities in the chilly weather, so I guess that is the reason why I don’t mind cold weather. :) Plus, appropriate clothing, of course!!

hiking in winter - blog - Lookforsmile.com
Lunch after 6km and 2 hours of walking. Also the only brake that was longer than few minutes. Later on it got cold, when we didn’t move!

And lastly, this time of year, the SUN IS NOT SHINING. I mean, it is, but it is so frickin’ cloudy ALL THE TIME, I hate it. I loooove sunlight, it brightens my mood and makes me happy. So by going outside for long walks, I am able to get SOME light. Even in cloudy days, outdoors is much more brighter than indoors. So, I go out to GET that sunlight as much as I can. :)

hiking in winter - blog - Lookforsmile.com
Few minutes of rest by one of the little rivers debouching. ;)

upes ieteka Ragaciems - Jūrmala - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Now little bit about the hike details.

Hiking trip “Ragaciems – Lielupe”

Distance: about 29km, from Ragaciems to Lielupe (region of city Jūrmala). Interestingly, there were a lot of little rivers along the way debouching into the sea, so a few time we had to look for ways to cross them, but thankfully, not far away from the beach mostly there were a bridge.

Logistics: To get to Ragaciems take an intercity bus (most likely from the Central bus station in Riga). To leave from Lielupe (Jūrmala) take the train or intercity bus going to Riga.

hiking map along the beach - blog - Lookforsmile.com
Map of the hike.

Jūrmala jūra - blog - Lookforsmile.com

Jūrmala Lielupe - blog - Lookforsmile.com
Sign to train station “Lielupe”. We have reached our destination!
walking trip in winter by sea - blog - Lookforsmile.com
Celebrating walking 29km with a joyful selfie. We did it! Now going home, looking forward to hot tea and already remembering the good memories we made during this trip!

If you are into hiking or long walking trips, or challenging yourself physically, maybe you would enjoy reading about my previous adventures walking 60 km (!) in one day. Part I here, Part II here.  That was clearly CRAZY, but the experience was invaluable.

So, tell me your latest adventures! :) Outdoors or otherwise, everything counts. :)

                              With love,


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7 years ago

Gorgeous photos! Outdoors can be lots of fun.

Edye | http://gracefulcoffee.com

7 years ago

I love hiking and long walks! This one looks like an amazing experience. I need to have something similar to this soon too. Also, I love your blog! Keep it up, girl. x

-Leta | The Nerdy Me

7 years ago

Nice! Would love to have the experience too!

7 years ago

Beautiful part of the world. I agree as long as you are dressed properly get out! We had a humid and hot summer (Eastern Canada) so not great hiking weather. Did Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland in August was 18 degrees so perfect for hiking.

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