Helloo, people! :) How are  you? Is it a nice spring-like day today where you live? :) I hope it is! :) Lately I’ve been trying out a lot of homemade stuff for cleaning – is it hair, skin, dishes or toilet. This time I wanted to talk to you about my experience trying to find a way to make at home a dishwashing liquid.

I chose dishwashing liquid because we were running low on the one we had and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to try and find a recipe and make my own. The recipe I went for was very natural – the ingredients were: lemons, water, vinegar and kosher salt. This is the recipe. From reading the ingredients I did get that they won’t foam but I still really wanted to try this because it sounded so good and the review was good as well.

The good

It made the silverware very shiny. It did clean the dishes as well. Also it smells amazing. :) And the overall cost is very cheap.

The Bad

It didn’t foam (as expected, of course) and when washing dishes with hands, the foam is quite important, so I don’t have to apply the detergent ALL THE TIME. I guess I didn’t have a good enough sieve, because I had SOME pulp in the detergant.

Ok, I have to say, I believe the recipe was originally meant for dishwasher. So I suppose it works really good in dishwasher as the review was positive. If you have a dishwasher, I encourage you to try and then tell me all about it. ;) :)

Since I didn’t like the liquid for cleaning dishes I thought I should try it as cleaner for ceramic surfaces like sink, toilet, shower. The overall opinion, it was ok. :D I think it worked the best on my kitchen sink which is made out of somekind of metal material. It did clean very good the bathroom ceramic sink, but had some difficulties in the shower where are remains of soap etc. When cleaning surfaces I observed that it felt a lot like a liquid food on the sponge, it is not THAT bad, but I didn’t like it.

The other thing about this cleaner – it is made out of raw materials and can go bad really fast, so it is advised to keep it in the fridge.

homemade dishwasher - blog - Lookforsmile.com
This is how it looks. And, no, I usually don’t store my washing detergants in glasses. :D Just for the photoshoot. ;)

Conclusion. It is OK cleaner for surfaces, but I wouldn’t use it for washing dishes with hands. I would use it though for kitchen sink cleaning. For ceramic surfaces, I don’t know, most definitely I will keep looking for other options, but will finish the batch I made.

I am still on a lookout for a dishwashing liquid recipe. I found a lot of them online, but some had ingredients like borax or washing soda and I just don’t know where I can purhase those locally. And as I understand, borax is toxic after all, so not looking forward to using that. Another bunch of recipes used castile soap which is somehow a miracle soap you can do everything with :D starting from washing dishes and finishing with your face and hair. As castile soap was a new product for me, I didn’t yet examine it properly, but I think that might be an alternative to try in the future.

Tell me, do you use organic cleaners as well? Or you know some good recipes your grandma used, for example? :)

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7 years ago

I’ve just started thinking about alternatives to mainstream cleaning products so I really enjoyed reading this! It’s a shame the dishwashing liquid didn’t quite turn out the way you hoped but at least it wasn’t a complete disaster haha! I hope you find something that works for you soon :) xx

7 years ago

This was an interesting read! I never thought of trying out a homemade dishwasher. We usually use ecological ones from the store or the ones with fewer chemicals. This one doesn’t sound too bad but I don’t think I would be trying it out :)

-Leta | The Nerdy Me

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